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Now an American has been beheaded on videotape.

This, of course, did not make front page on most

papers. It is still second fiddle to the prison


Another headline was out there saying that Nic

Berg was advised to leave Iraq. SO WHAT! The beasts

that did this do not care about prisoners in Iraq NO!

They are watching the American BUFFOONS beat

themselves up over something insignificant in


Daniel Pearl was beheaded prior to the prison

scandal where was the outrage about that?

I am peering DEEP into my soul today and I am

seeing the ugliest innermost feelings saying to me

that Islam is evil. I call on those out there that

oppose this view to PROVE ME WRONG! Defend the other

side; prove me wrong damn it!

Where are the leaders of the Islamic community?

Are they going to denounce this? HELL NO! They are

trying to find a place to stash all of the money

coming in to support MORE!

Secretary Rumsfeld RAMP IT UP! Damn it stop

appeasing and surgically striking. Make them FEAR

AMERICA to hell with dealing with these people!

Exterminate them! Those who wish to do us harm must

fear us to the core!

CBS is going to air more prison crap. WATCH the

video of the beheading! This is what you are facing

people! Don’t you see? Don’t you get it? These

people are animals and must be dealt with severely!

Damn it, why is it so hard to get the point across?

Why are the media outlets taking the hate America

first stance? Because they want to be led by the nose

by some low life from Ghana or some other cess pool.

The same one-world kooks would have us surrender

our sovereignty to the UN or France or some other

worthless society.

Folks, I am sitting here trying to figure out

where all of the courage of America went? What


All of the enlightened ones blame America and

those of us that still love America are labeled as

simpletons or ignored because of what? Because we

believe America IS the land of opportunity?

      Aw to hell with it!

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You're right..having spent 4 years in the Army defending the rights of those here, and our freeedoms, it does stir thoughts of violence in me, that are better left deeply buried. I think those same thoughts are running through the minds of some of the Pentagon folks too. When we have finally had enough, the end will come. That shit hole of a country ought to be uninhabitable by now in my mind...that along with the gaza strip. They have been fighting for thousands of years, and have really forgotten why they are fighting. I say nuke the hell out of them, and let nature take its course...radiation sickenss, cancers, things better left unseen. When it takes the next sevral thousand years for the radiaition to die off enough to mak it livable. As for Osama...I've been saying it all along..when we do catch him....and we will, I say we stake his ass down, and pour jet feuel on him, and light a match...nowI'm not saying enought fuel to kill him, but he should be kept alive by what ever means so that the torturing of him can last a very long time. Put my ass in charge, and it will all be over very quickly.........
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