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So Blackdog, Sequoia and the Harleynots head up to the snow to scout out the upcoming Central Cal IIRA ride - "Rumble Through The Sequoias" through Sequoia National Park coming up Saturday June 13th. The road had been closed due to snow and ice the day before so we were F150-ing it through when what to my wondering eyes did appear but a Somali Pirate - at least that is what we thought he was - he only spoke three words of some foreign language... and was clearly living out of his car.


We didn't even knew he needed help because we saw no one with this car at first - seemed odd. Then just as I went by his head popped up and I see a jack held high (get it .... a "hijack" - you kill me - LOL) anyway....


We stop and get out a buncha tow straps figuring this was gonna be easy - I mean the ass end of this 15 year old Infinity luxury sedan was still on the pavement! So Harleynot gets out hooks us up - my tow cleats to his tow cleat and we start pulling - nothing. Again - nothing. One more time - nothing. So a car full of Japanese tourists comes by and the Dad jumps out and offers to help push. So a Somali Pirate, A Japanese Tourist and Harleynot are standing in the snow pushing this car - while the biggest dude of all of 'em is........driving the truck. Well, the Japanese guy made all the difference and out pops the vehicle. Meanwhile Sequoia is directing traffic - about 3 cars had passed all day on this stretch - but while we are trying to get the Somali Pirate saved - 30 - at least!!!!


So the car pops out and his tires are bald. I mean BALD - like slicker than racing slicks bald. Like balder than insaneindian (and soon to be Blackdog). Which is funny because the stretch he ditched it in? Not a drop of water or ice or snow on the road. I mean these tires were so bald the dude just lost it. That car was launched over the snowbank and the shock had the tires hanging low in the snow which the Pirate had cleared away to try to jack up the car - while the front end of the frame was still hung up on the snowbank!!


So after all the heavy lifting was over the Somali Pirate came around and shook hands and said "Thank you", or "Mogadishu" or something like that - and we were just happy to help the poor dude out. So I see his eyes light up and he runs to his car and drives off. I think well, that's a little wierd - maybe he oughtta get down off the mountain. In my rearview I see a Park Ranger come up lights a flashin' - we tell him what happened and he thanked us for helping. Still no idea why the Somali Pirate ran off - but we felt like we did our good deed for the day. Just another experience along the road of the Rumble Ride....LOL



The Somali Pirate Rescue was somewhere near here:




The Cyberbikers that saved the Somali Pirate:

Mr and Mrs Harleynot (in front of "the World's Largest Living Thing" - The General Sherman Tree)



Blackdog and Sequoia in front of some Sequoia National Park Scenery:




A great time was had by all and some great info for this year's Rumble Through The Sequoia's was secured - mission accomplished.


By the way - sometime over beers have 'ol Harleynot tell ya how he lied to Mrs Harleynot and told her it was in the 70's last Saturday in Sequoia NP and all the way there - and proceeded to ride her 200 miles through a hailstorm crossing the Diablo Mountain Range...LOL Then he beat her ass for trying to get warm in his lap...damned "Cyberbiker". :lol:

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Snowed a little up here again today, I truly am up for a taste even a little hint of this shit they were calling global warming. Seems as though the suckers changed it to some other nonsensical buzz words cause it's 38dg right now :angry:

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