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georgia gun rights

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Well who woulda thunk it..


HB89 passed the house and is on the way to the governor for his Hancock.


This bill loosens up the resrictions on concealed carry. Too bad it got washed down.


As originally written, it would have allowed concealed carry permit holders to have their weapons in their cars at work. Unfortunately, the rights of the property owner ( to maintain a disarmed victim zone ) were found to outweigh the rights of the individual.


SO.. you can now bring your weapon to work if your boss says it is ok.


Also unrestricted, are public events and restraunts.


With any luck, HB915 will pass next year. It will remove more restrictions from concealed carry.


As for DC vs Heller, we can only hope.

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At least California has SOME form of concealed carry, no?

Wisconsin ain't got nothin'. Thats right...NOTHIN'.

The violent crime rate in Milwaukee is BAD and yet the Gov. and the city's mayor are both scratching their nuts over the issue, but every time the idea of concealed carry comes up in conversation, the typical response is the "old west" analogy. Yet they totally ignore the stats in states with concealed carry that prove the 'old west" theory to be totally bogus.

It's frustrating to the point of really pissing me off every time the subject comes up.

FUCK! now i'm pissed!

I'm outta here. :angry:

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Sure, We got conceal carry, Just don't get caught doing it :P My thought is, If you got balls enough to shoot....... I hope you got balls enough to get shot. Always packin :o

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Just renewed our permit last month, should be in mail anyday.. ;)

Signs all over the place here at work about Employers right to search yer vehicles for concealed weapons.. <_<




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I'm th' only one in Tejas not packin' heat.


Among one of the first things I sought when I moved to Texas....This is a very VERY gun friendly state....I still dont't carry as often as I have kids and I don't want them asking questions, but it is nice to have and know I can when I feel the need....

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