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Subject: Homer Hickam -- NASA



Homer Hickam


Homer Hickam made an interesting comment on TV this week. In case you don't

know who he is, Homer was a poor West Va miner's son who

worked his way up to being an employee/scientist for NASA. He wrote a book

called "Rocket Boy" which was later made into a great

movie called "October Sky".


This morning he was interviewed and said this, about the "one-shot"

shoot down of the crippled satellite recently: "If this country's head was

on straight, they would be holding a ticker tape parade

for the Crew of the Cruiser, USS Lake Erie...


"This (one rocket firing) boosted our National defense 100 fold. N Korea,

Iran, China, Russia, all know now that we have a safety

net that can accurately stop their incoming missiles, even if they are out

of the earth's atmosphere.


"Of course, that was the plan all along, and it was a dandy plan. I just

hope that the next person in the White House doesn't scrap

the system and begin baking cookies for the enemy.


"Hillary or Obama will do just that, and that makes me nervous.


At any rate, Kudos to the Officers and Crew of the USS Lake Erie. WELL


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Big thumbs up and thanks to them!

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:I-Agree[1]: on all the above comments... Obama has already said that NASA's budget is going to education. :banghead: all one half of one percent....
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