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'Oh (expletive), what have we done here?'

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Bet they didn't see that coming. LOL



SYDNEY, Feb. 28 (UPI) -- Two would-be robbers should have spent more time casing their target -- an Australian bar where a biker club was holding a meeting.


One of the intruders ended up hog-tied after three members of the Southern Cross Cruiser Club ran him down outside the Regents Park Sporting Club in Sydney, The Sydney Morning Herald reported. Police found the other one near the bar.


Both were charged with attempted robbery after the Wednesday night incident.


Jerry "Jester" van Cornewal, the club president, helped chase one man. He said he thought the man was carrying a tire iron, but it proved on closer inspection to be a samurai sword.


Van Cornewal described the pair as having "failed robber school."


Noel "Bear" Mannix," founder of the biker club, said that the two realized quickly that they had picked the wrong target.


"It was one of those stopped-time moments," he said. "It was very hard to see the expression on their faces because of the balaclavas, but I imagine it was something along lines of 'Oh (expletive), what have we done here?' "

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Sounds like they did pass "Dumb ass 101",,,,,,,

Pass it?

Sounds like they designed the curriculum....

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