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Hard to find stuff for all of us, it's here

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So i should have posted it here first...


Sorry for Jacking the previous thread!!!


Hey all,


Ok ok ok


Im working on a few things for all of our scoots and they will be so sweeet.lol I do need some test bikes for fit and finish I'm sure some locals will step up... however everyone is welcome to give their input and advise on style, finish, materials and copyright infringement etc. I wanted to be ready for the IRIP V... but I don't see it happening without some interest from the community.


My Director of Ops. has given me the go ahead to get the prototypes made and it's now in drafting. CAD files are being done for plasma cutting and welding then onto chroming/plating. Though I am not known by all of you, I am a serious INDIAN man and want the whole community to benefit from the resources I have avialable to me.


Here's a brief background on what I do. I work for a steel fabricater, both structural and ornamental. We are General Contractors with over 100 employees and growing. We built a new facility 25,000 sq/ft last year. When I brought this idea to the owner about six months ago I was relieved to hear "Do it"! He's enthusiastic about the project and my passion. Mind you he is not a rider. He knew nothing about INDIAN'S but he did love my scoot at first sight, even made a spot for bikes in our new parking lot.


So in closing; anyone with any interest in some hand made parts for your bike, whether it be INDIAN or other, I would appreciate any input and welcome you're requests. I'm not making INDIAN parts or anything of the sort, just custume parts that fit My SPIRIT and for like minded folk. 335, Scottdog and others have my email I dont want to break any

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