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Cops: Texas man calls 911, says he's eating girlfriend

Christopher McCuin called 911 early Saturday morning to report a particularly grisly crime. The Dallas Morning News says he "calmly described murdering his girlfriend and cooking her ear."


When police arrived at his house in Tyler, Texas, the paper says the 24-year-old tried to hold them off with a kitchen knife but eventually surrendered after a short standoff. When cops entered the residence, the paper says they "found a human ear boiling in a stovetop pan and raw flesh on a nearby plate, with a fork stuck in it."


"Either he was going to eat it, had been eating it, or that's what he wanted it to look like," Sheriff J.B. Smith says. "I'm not shocked anymore – surprised that people can do such horrible things to each other – but not shocked. I've seen it all."


The Morning News says Jana Shearer, the 21-year-old victim, was a mail clerk. She had a MySpace page. You can read it here.


McCuinn was charged with capital murder and is being held at the local jail on a $2 million bond, according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph.


Public records show that McCuin was charged in November with felony "obstruction or retaliation" and evading arrest. Back in 2003, he pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to three years in prison.

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I would expect such behavior in a town that serves unsweetened Iced tea....

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Now there's more:

PETA Requests Vegetarian Diet in Jail for Cannibalism Suspect

Sheriff's officials were astounded Thursday by a letter requesting the man accused of murdering his girlfriend and possibly participating in cannibalism be placed on a vegetarian diet to keep him from being "involved in any senseless killing" while incarcerated



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Free range be cool ?



Upon further review the previous post hasbin overturned, I ride all fukn way to Tejas & I want BB-Q "BEEF" I don't want no mo fo "yardbird".

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Th' latest on this E. Texas cook out is, he comes from a hunting family and was raised to eat every thing ya kill.



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