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Evacuations Top One Million in Southland Fires

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AP) - Authorities have ordered mandatory evacuations for communities in and around Lake Arrowhead because of wildfire danger in the San Bernardino Mountains. With that, total evacuations in the Southland fires have topped one million. A U.S. Forest Service official says flames have already destroyed 113 homes in the area. The so-called Grass Valley fire is about 1,000 acres and threatening 1,500 homes.


About a dozen communities are under mandatory evacuation, from Cedar Glen east of the lake to Crestline to the west.


Mountains Community Hospital is also being evacuated.


The same area was hit hard in the 2003 wildfires.


Meantime, A U.S. Forest Service official has confirmed that a second person has been killed by Southern California's devastating wildfires. The latest victim was anunidentified civilian who died of burns suffered in a fire in Santa Clarita.


More than 513,000 San Diego County residents ordered evacuated


In all, more than 513,000 residents have been ordered evacuated in San Diego County.


Wildfires across Southern California have destroyed more than 1,300 homes and show no signs of slowing.


Authorities are placing reverse 911 calls to the San Diego County homes because of wildfire danger.


With the number of homes ordered evacuated, more than 750,000 people could easily have fled since the wildfires began over the weekend in San Diego County. The number of people joining the mandatory exodus is expected to grow throughout the day as more communities are put on standby to leave as several fires burned a path toward the sea - through populated communities.


Says a spokesman for the county's emergency effort, "It's basically a mass migration here in San Diego County. The numbers we're seeing are staggering."


Arizona sending dozens more fire engines to California


Arizona already has a dozen fire engines in neighboring California to help fight the big wildfires and dozens more are assembling to go in response to a new request for aid.


Spokesman Cliff Pearlberg says the Arizona Land Department is contacting multiple jurisdictions and putting together five strike teams of five larger engines apiece to send to California.


Pearlberg says two other strike teams with five smaller engines each also will be formed to go.


Each engine carries several firefighters, and Pearlberg estimates 100 to 110 personnel will be going in the new deployments. He says it's not known yet which jurisdiction will provide the engines.

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By reading that things don't look good for Ron.




And it sounds like it is getting close to IndianPaul too.

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Big amphibious plane from Canada just landed in Lake Elsinore. It will be fighting the fires here now. Called the Martin Mars. What a sight as it flew over my house.


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I really feel for those poor people. I know just how they feel.


I remember that bitch Katrina like it was yesterday.


I guess I'll always remember like it was yesterday.





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