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yeah but him letting mikey ride the Indian Vintage was cool...and the tank emblems they did with the leather backing were cool as well...even if powder coating was all fucked.

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old episode.

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i never saw it before.....but got tired of watching South Carolina kick Kentucky's ass cuz I know Maurice is now curled up in the fetal positions sucking his thumb and calling for mommy while pissing in his chaps......

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I can't remember which bike mag it was in, but a couple of months ago, there was a photo spread on a chopper one of the OCC guys built, using a PP100.


He actually said he loved the engine.


He must not have ridden it very far yet....



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Iowa’s Join the Ride Brings in More Than $100K for E85 Chopper


CORN FENDERS ??????? I think they are done !!!!!!



Join the Ride, sponsored by the Iowa Farm Bureau, brought in more than $113,000 for the Iowa Clean Air Choice Program. America's First Renewable Energy Chopper, designed by Orange County Choppers, toured all over the state of Iowa this summer, generating a great deal of conversation about renewable fuels. At each stop of the tour, spectators had a chance to win the chopper by purchasing a $10 raffle ticket, with the proceeds going to the American Lung Association of Iowa's Clean Air Choice program.


“We had no idea Iowa had so many cutting-edge renewable energy efforts underway until we came to the state for inspiration in the design of the E85 chopper,” said Paul Jr., of Orange County Choppers. “It was really amazing to see a wind turbine up close and learn that a single wind farm could power more than 5,000 homes. It was cool to learn that cattle were necessary for renewable energy, something we found out when we climbed a DDG pile. They are literally using every component of agriculture they can to move us away from foreign oil,” said Paul Jr.


The sleek, custom-built chopper includes such innovative design features as:


Spinners in the wheels which run to scale of a genuine wind turbine; Iowa’s wind energy industry is growing faster than any other state in the nation, with the ability to power more than 250,000 homes annually.

The front fenders feature 3-D sculpted corn and rear fenders soybeans. Iowa boasts the highest production of corn, beans, ethanol and biodiesel—used to fuel, energize and clothe a world’s growing population.

The engine runs on E85. Filling up a 32-gallon tank with E85 replaces one barrel of foreign oil with an Iowa-grown renewable fuel.

The custom cowhide leather seat includes artistic renderings of livestock. Iowa’s livestock and poultry eat the co-product of ethanol production, adding to the cycle of sustainability.


Check presented to ALA-IA's Leadership

Board Chairperson Roger Kuhle.



Raffle winner Michael Murphy.



On Saturday, September 15, during half-time of the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game, a huge check was presented to the American Lung Association of Iowa’s (ALA-IA) Leadership Board Chairperson Roger Kuhle. Raffle winner Michael Murphy of Seymour, Iowa, was given the keys to his new bike. The NEVC is partnered with the ALA-IA.


“We cannot thank the Iowa Farm Bureau enough for their contribution and efforts,” noted ALA-IA’s Jessica Zopf. “We look forward to working with them throughout the next year to help consumers make a Clean Air Choice.”


You can watch the episode of Orange County Choppers on The Learning Channel at 9:00 p.m., EST, October 11 and 18.



HARLEYNOT........or ever again......

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