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Extortion Case Continued

12:31 PM

By Staff Report

Hollister FreeLance

Gilroy - A Gilroy pair accused of extorting motorcycle and motorcycle parts totaling $150,000 from Indian-Victory Motorcycles and reselling them on eBay had their case continued for two weeks.


Vanessa Bullock, 43, and James Collier, 48, were arrested and charged in July with buying, receiving, concealing or withholding motorcycle parts and buying or receiving a stolen Indian Sprint motorcycle.


Bullock, who shared a home on the 7400 block of Dowdy Street with Collier, is also charged with extorting $23,000 from an Indian-Victory employee and threatening him at least three times between March and July with a handgun and retribution by gang members.


When the case was announced three hours after it was scheduled, Collier, who represented himself, interrupted Shapero to ask him why they were waiting to hold a hearing. The curt remark and its tone were out of keeping with the typical language of the courtroom, in which people addressed the judge as "your honor" and "sir."


"Good point," Shapero shot back. "Let's set up a hearing. Mr. Collier's in a hurry," he said.


Shapero scheduled the hearing for 9am Oct. 9, and Collier quickly left through the back door before Bullock was even taken out of the courtroom.

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An Indian Sprint Motorcycle?

Damn!! They came out with another model. Why weren't we informed?

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