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"What will you do-the Stellican-can"

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Evening all.


Well, after ruminating on this awhile, I decided to post the new tune. With all the recent talk goin on about buying land, dealerships, and what not, it seemed an appropriate time to release this. I was going to try to group it with a few new tunes once I finished up the other couple I'm workin on, but progress hasn't been as fast as I'd hoped on them, so what the hell.


The name Stellican just had such a lyrical quality to it, and with all the good material here...it seemed fodder for another song. Pretty different then most of my stuff, and alot of fun workin on it. Just go to my sig and click "DaddyG's TIPI-Songs of the IIRA". It'll take you to my site. Link for the song is as the title above.


Changed some things around on the site and also had to remove an older song as Comcast is pretty miserly about the storage space they give ya. My apologies to Grumpy; it was the longest and largest song up there.


Much thanks to my buddy, Tony Rae, for contributing the guitar. You can catch more of our stuff here:

Tony Rae & Common Ground


Hope you enjoy!

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Hey Daddyg, you need space to store your songs I got it for you.

Just PM/e-mail me and we will get it set up.

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