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Indian powerplus 100ci total production informatio

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This information was released from PAS directly.



From 02/11/02-11/20/02 PAS produced 1871 engines for the 01-02 Model Year



From 11/19/02-09/16/03 PAS produced 1835 engines for the 02-03 Model Year


From 07/15/03-03/26/04 PAS produced 60 engines for the 04 Model Year


At least 40 of the 04 Model year engines where sold to vendors other than (IMC) Indian Motorcyle and where never installed in IMC Indian motorcycles.PowerPlus 100ci Forum :charger:

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Very interesting!  Another piece of the puzzle.




Now, I believe that-


No PP100 bikes were made in '01.  ( Prototypes maybe? )


1,225 were made in '02 (from Fran O'Hagen).


"About" 1,500 Chiefs were made in '03 (from FOC).


20 Chiefs made in '04 (deductive reasoning from PAS info)



I wonder where the extra 1,000 engines are?

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In a scrap pile.........obviously there were more engines built than bikes due to warranty issues.


Found something out that adds to the confoozlement......there were a lot of PP flywheels at the factory. These were all made in Japan and most of the boxes were dated 8/03. These had the Indian script cast right on them.


According to PAS they never used any wheels with the Indian script! Apparently these were from a vendor other than who PAS was using and are of recent manufacture. I've heard (not verified yet) that the '04 engines as built by PAS came with wheels made by JIMS. If that's so, then what's the deal on these Indian/Jap wheels?


I can only assume these were intended for the pilot run of in house assembled PP engines, but the real question is what is the quality of these? Doubtful that even Blackhawk knows about these!


Does anyone know the specified hardness of the later improved wheels? Am really curious if these Jap made ones are actually decent, I may have them inspected for hardness and accuracy of hole taper. AFAIK J-P cycles bought the remaining inventory of these.


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Aaron, three were wrecked by T3.  So that leaves 997.  Plus you could buy just a Motor via dealers in late 02 and 03.


Probably the rest was the junk us "IMC test pilots" sent back to CA under warranty that are now poping up on E-Bay as New.

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Custom bike builder ROOKE like the chess piece has  PP 100 engine on his custom bike so theres another one of your missing engines, Wonder how many he bought and where he got it ???   p.s. saw  custom chopper called a tomahawk with one also in some bike magazine
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