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Gang's Classified Ad Threatens D.A.

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RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- The oldest, largest and most violent gang in Riverside County was under investigation Sunday for allegedly placing a yard-sale ad in the Riverside Press-Enterprise that police said was a public threat against county District Attorney Rod Pacheco, according to newspaper reports.


The threatening ad was seen by police as a response to the injunction sought by the district attorney's office against the gang, which would prohibit East Side Riva members from gathering, wearing gang colors, carrying weapons and other activities in a specified zone of the city's east side, according to the Press-Enterprise.


The listing in the classified section was printed under the location heading "East Riverside" and advertised a weeklong "Big Blowout -- Going Out of Business" event, adding that "Proceeds benefits Rod Pacheco Memorial Fund." The ad also supplied personal information about the district attorney, according to the Press-Enterprise.


"The bottom line is gangs exist through intimidation and terror. That stuff doesn't work with us," Pacheco told the paper.


The prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit Wednesday and ran a full-page advertisement Friday in the Press-Enterprise announcing legal action against the East Side Riva gang. That same day, officers served about 89 of the gang's members with notices of the lawsuit, according to the newspaper.


Pacheco vowed to keep the pressure on the East Side Riva gang, which boasts some 500 members, including middle-schoolers and career criminals serving time in jail or prison, the newspaper reported.


"We are not going anywhere," he said. "Our office is not going to disband and dry up. The police are not going to go away. Our office is not going to continue to let them victimize people. Those days are over," he told the Press-Enterprise.


Police considered the ad a serious threat to Pacheco, his family and his property, and at least one armed officer in an unmarked car was seen guarding a residence believed by reporters to be Pacheco's, the newspaper reported.

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The Riverside County District Attorney's office will hand down its first civil injunction against a Riverside street gang, in an attempt to curb criminal activity. It is the first gang injunction in Riverside County history.


The District Attorney's office bought full-page advertisements in newspapers today, announcing the lawsuit against members of East Side Riva, a local street gang with a history of crime and homicides.


The injunction would prohibit members from engaging in numerous activities in a three-square mile area spanning from the Interstate 215/60/91 interchange.


The lawsuit would bar fellow gang members from communicating with each other, carry weapons, drug use and committing any gang activity.


The summons issued today requires members of the gang to file a written response to the pending injunction within 30 days before the case is reviewed by a Riverside County judge.


Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco and Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach will announce details of the injunction at a 2 p.m. news conference today in Patterson Park, a former gang turf.

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I'm sure the ACLU will come to the rescue of those poor, underprivileged children......






Maybe they will put a civil injunction against the ACLU.

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Not going to happen, but I'm getting a woody just thinkin' about it!




Maybe make the ACLU's people (and the people who support the ACLU) live in the neighborhood they fight to keep the gangs active in?

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Let's hope they don't go after people that ride motorcycles in groups next.

Once they get their foot in the door....

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Fuck-em all, I have no sympathy for gang members. Give the police the authority to do their job and exterminate those low life pieces of shit.

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