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Who the hell is this guy?

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A blowhard trying to sell a used Injun...Checked his feedback and the last 7 things he sold were old lionel trains...
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Typical loud mouth Jersey jerk who probably lives too damn close to one of the many oil refineries or chemical plants and has now suffered irreversible genetic damage.


If he had any balls they surely would glow in the dark.


The typos are beyond embarrassing, he expects a real investor to take anything he has to offer seriously? What a joke. Note the glaring misinformation in his listing....Audax, not Audex....they're in Boston, not NY


WTF is this drivel about his partner and him not purchasing the company? Who the fuck ARE him or his partner? And who gives a liquefied shit anyway? That statement is so bizarre, it's like starting a conversation in the beginning and expecting the listener to follow what you're saying. Sure sign of psychotic delusions of grandeur.


Also, what's this CART motorcycle he blathers on about? I don't want or expect an answer, just pointing out yet more of his disjointed verbage. I'd tell him to take a powder but he'd probably just snort it up his cauliflower nose.


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