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Goins' on in Eureka Springs............

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For those of you that rode over to out little hilly community from Branson, there was a little get together there this weekend. Was supposed to be a HA gathering, 300-400 HAs present. Why there was 4 Bandidos from Texas around that got stabbed Sunday afternoon as the meeting was breaking up is a mystery according to the state police.


I was gonna just copy the article from our local papers online source, but it ain't there yet.


More later.

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"By Sunday evening, police had six Hells Angels in custody and were interviewing them, Hyatt said. The men were arrested based on witness descriptions. He said he did not know to which charter the men belong."


Yuppir, they wuz wearin jeans an t shirts and them cut off jackets with that flyin skull thingy on it. Oh yeah, I almost forgitted. They wuz ridin motorsickles too.

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Saw 6 riders coming through Fayetteville last week. Outlaws and Bandidos claim Arkansas as theirs. The news stated that they did arrest 6 on suspicion. That the state police had turned away Bandidos earlier in week. This is about 45 minutes from my house on hiway 62 where it happened. Guess no place is sacred.

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