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I have heard a number of negative comments about the "return of Hollister" this year. I can't say I entirely disagree with them, on the other hand I can't wait to go back next year to see what it becomes. I had a great ride up north with one group of friends - passed a few more friends on the road and met up with some friends (Mr and Mrs JohnQ and friends) at a gas stop all before entering town. I spent from 10am-5:30pm walking the event - while still in an "air cast" for my banged up achilles heels. And then, one of the most beautiful rides home in a long time. Here are a few comments to the whole event.


The vendor set-up was very dissappointing. What used to be a main drag rally street all bikes for blocks on both the sides and several deep in the center was all vendor tents with few pass throughs so you almost had to walk the whole street one way and back the other side. This made it appear that it was all about vendors. It also made it appear less “homey” as you couldn’t observe what was going on across the street or happen to see an old friend across the street and catch up to them. Hmmmmm…. I got off the main drag and saw tons of bikes, builder competions, ladies and good times happening – and I walked the vendors booths as well.


It seemed as though the event organizers had to succumb to town demands for yet more police presence. We were filmed by the sherrif (along with thousands others as we rolled into town along State Route 25. The DOJ was running wild in packs looking for parole violators and every level of law enforcement was there – including a very annoying helicopter that constantly buzzeds the event.


MCs all over the place – including many new members of the “Boozefighters” the original club that was labeled with “starting it all” in 1947.


My take is simply this: I go to rally’s to see friends, bikes, babes, bands and vendors, get new ideas, watch and listen and learn. That was all there this year as in the past. The police presence was heavy handed – as in the past. The vendors set-up was way to front and center – but I’d have seen them all anyway. I didn’t like the layout – but I still like the event. I can’t wait to see if they fix the layout for next year.


Couldn’t take many pics due to the crowd being so thick and having to hobble along from place to place – but here is a few. With a few links that show some history and more pictures of the event.






Boy and his dog




This bitch rides!




Sequioa and Blackdog just got their "official T-Shirts" - LOL




The Scene




Side Street Parking this year we parked 5 bikes from the last barrier of the event! Prime!

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one of many full lots around town




Chica and many other bike builders were there








The Dominatrix services booth - isn't that Garlic Indian??




Thunder Mountain had some bad ass shit…




My Fav

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My Fav 2




Thunder mountain show winner from last year




Even some badass sand runners




The Thunder Mountain Show rig




Common site around town

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They were everywhere




Even in the air - a lot


As usual - "The Fuzz" in force - THOUSANDS of them from DOJ troops to all levels of local and state. We were even filmed by the Sheriff entering town.




Just the food street




Even the kids get into it




Look at the Brake/tail lights on this - the Christian bike builders had some of the coolest stuff…check out the 4 heads also..

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The front end




Cylinders 1 and 2




and 3 and 4




A message…




The end

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Not tons of Indians - which was disappointing - but lots of people wearing Indian T-shirts. Maybe when they have a bike they will have a presence booth. Although there were not and "Harley Booths" either - mostly customs and aftermarket sales - AND the Dominatrix Solutions - for Dan....LOL

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Great coverage of the event. Thanks for all the pics.

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