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decided to go fer a lil night ride

so as i was leavin town goin through the gears

reach about 80 mph when up ahead i notice

2 deer in my lane, so i brake hard begin to go into a skid

let off brake swerve into the other lane .the damn things arent movin

then at the last second they take off one slammed right into my leg

and slid off my saddlebag.luckilly no damage to the bike just traces

of fur stuckin the crevices of my saddlebag.my leg on the other hand

has begun to swell.. damn that was close

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You are one lucky mofo!

I'm also just north of you and like Littleman says, we know it all too well. Those things are a menace...way too many of them.

Every year I have some of those furry fuckers cross in front of me...I haven't made contact with one yet, but its always on my mind when night riding. I try to keep it between 50 - 55 mph when out at night. It's hard sometimes because the Chief does like to fly!

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:huh: ..Bambi can ruin your whole day!....'n more :banghead: ...dawn 'n dusk crossing to water 'round here,comin down of'n hills or goin' up....ya need radar! :outdoor:
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