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God I love Female Cops!!!

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I'm on my way to work, and the Chief craps out. I'll bring this up on another topic. I'm on the side of the road tryin' to get it started and this cop car pulls up behind me and out cums this gorgeous blonde. I'm droolin, staring and beggin to be cuffed.


She asks, what's the problem?


Bike stalled like it ran outta gas. I worked on it today but doesn't look like I fixed it. Normally, I'll wait 5min and it'll start up fine.


So, she asks for my drivers license,


I'm thinkin "Oh Sh!t. This is not how I want to be cuffed." I'm in a hurry to get to work and I wanna get. But she's hangin around lookin the Chief over. I'm beginning to sweat a bit thinkin she's lookin for something to get me on, then say's "That's a beautiful motorcycle" and gives me my DL back.


I'm thinkin oh yeah, I'd love to take you for a ride on my big ass vibrator!!


But realize this would be inappropriate and could land me ina heapa trouble with the wife and just said "thank you officer".


My times up and I really need to get, I'm a bit concerned what she might do when I start the Chief as she's only an arms length from my straight pipe. No, the one on the bike. The evil side of me won over and I gave the engine two shots of petrol, held the throttle open a bit, well alot. I figure if I'm gonna do it, I might as well make an impression, right?




What a look I got, she coulda shot me right there and be justified.


As quickly as I could, I said "Sounds like it's runnin' fine now, thank you for your help" and left as fast as could get.

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Thread is worthless without pics!!

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:huh: ...well for better or worse,I believe she'll remeber you! :rotfl: Edited by Gary2Wheels
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One of my bros got stopped on his S&S 113" powered Heritage softail the other day by a young NM highway cop. The cop said he clocked him at 130 & said "I didn't know Harleys could go that fast, now cool it". My bro in his infinite wisdom then said "you should have waited a couple of min till I got it in 6th gear".........then he got the ticket.

At least the cop didn't put the speed down he just wrote it for excessive speed. His bike will do a little over 150, I think that would have got him a free ride in the cop car.

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