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Fun and games for the Elderly

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Been in the Hospital with my Dad for the last two days!!


We are trying to get packed to move on Friday to Reno..


Dad came up Tuesday to pick up a lawn mower and a couple of minibike from me for the Grand kids..

He took them and the go cart out to his buddies house.


Story goes something like this:


Dad deceided to take the go kart for a quick ride around the barn.. Dad is 65 yrs Ervin his best friend is 72yrs gets his grand kids go kart out...


Well then the trouble began......


They started chasing each other around the barn, then through the barn picking up stuff and throwing it back and forth trying to make the other guy swerve.


Dad goes to make a 360 on the gravel and the tie rod breaks flips the kart 3 times and right into the open door of the truck.. All is fine till Dad finds out he can't move...


The Brace that holds the steering wheel has pushed dads leg back far enough and hard enough to have broken the ball off in his hip...


So emergency Surgery yesterday and recovery today... he'll be down for 6 months or so...


Like the old saying goes!!!!



It's all fun and games!!! Till somebody breaks a Hip!!!

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Glad your Dad will be fine. And you are one lucky dude to be moving to Reno and having JOE MALFA right in your backyard! Ride Safe, AW

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You ever get the feeling that you not riding fast enough, but you look down at the speedo and realise that your going too fast and you should slow down but you only wanna go faster.


I bet your pops will remember this for a long time as one of the fun moments, even when he becomes old and senile.

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