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Warn your parents - it's never over......

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One Valdosta couple received a check in the mail totaling $6.19. The amount is low and the check seems harmless at first glance, but this couple chose to look deeper before rushing to the deposit box.


The couple questioned the check’s authenticity because of a small post-it note stuck to it that said “thanks” in hand-written lettering. No official letter was included explaining why the check had been issued in the first place. Next, the couple noticed that the postage indicated that the envelope had been mailed from Dallas, Texas, and yet the company recorded on the check, M.L.C. Funding, Inc., listed its address in Las Vegas.


Finally, the couple decided to call the bank listed on the check to inquire about its sender, only to receive a recorded message for the issuing company instead of the supposed bank.


The check may be legitimate, but if the company is not legitimate and there is no apparent reason for the check to be issued, the scam comes after the deposit. Once the check clears, the person who issued it can request a copy of the check, giving them access to a person’s signature, bank account number, routing number in addition to information that can be gained from those clues.


Within a matter of days or weeks, an individual’s bank account can be tapped into and wiped out without warning.

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