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Bell South merges with AT&T

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Ever since AT&T merged with Bell South, i have caught holy hell every time I log on to the internet. their technical support does not seem to grasp the connection.


Anyone else ?

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Does anyone else find this schitt just a little funny? Maybe some of yall aren't old enough to remember the break up of Ma Bell due to whatever antitrust laws or unfair trade practices or sumthin'. Ma Bell was pretty much AT&T. One telephone company for the whole fukkin country. There were a few obscure rural companies that existed back then, but not many. Then the all knowin' gummint new better and broke it up, and for a while what had been a well oiled machine, service sucked. Took a while for things to get back to normal. Bell South, Southwestern Bell, Pac Bell, etc., became all their own entities. Now all of a sudden SBC/Cingular is the new AT&T. Now Bell South is AT&T. Who's next to rejoin the old Ma Bell team.


What's up with this schitt.

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