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Dumb asses, Adair county folk are a different breed of Okie's. My father in law was a sheriff there. I rode with him many a time and can attest to the the family trees in that area being less than toothpicks. Many of them were my patients in the psych. hospital I worked at. As long as you say: "Bless their hearts" it is okay to make fun of people. It is a southern tradition.

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Hey now Cherokee. I used to put a little Big Cabin gal on the pee pad of a old knucklehead I had. She may not a been the sharpest knife inna drawer but she wuz easy on the eye and quiet. I seem to recall that she only had one row of teeths and didn't play banjo much.


This old okie been up Fayetteville way a little bit. Theys some folks in there didn't bother puttin they mark on the Mensa application too.

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Bet they didn't get their deposit back on the keg, either!

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