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IMI News Update

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I noticed that IMI has finally put a new news update on their website. Easier to read it there but here's the text version:

116 BATTLEGROUND ROAD KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC 28086 TELEPHONE 704 937 7333 FAX 704 937 7776


Kings Mountain, N.C. (February 14, 2007)

We are feeling optimistic and energized as we settle into our new world headquarters in Kings Mountain,

North Carolina. Renovations to the grounds and construction of the R&D facility are underway. Testing has


We recognize that the biker community is curious to hear more about what we are up to and we are

committed to providing you with current updates. We encourage you to frequently check our new website at

www.indianmotorcycle.com. Be sure to sign up for our e-mailing list by providing us with your contact

information. We are asking current Indian owners to register their latest contact details with us as well.

You can now “Reserve your 2008 Chief” by making a $1000 deposit via our website, where all the details are

provided. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reserve your 2008 Chief, and receive a

special one-of-a-kind gift.

It remains our goal to focus on product development and engineering in this year. To that end, we are

extremely proud to welcome 27-year engineering veteran, Nick Glaja to our team. In his role as

VP/Engineering, Nick will spearhead our team of engineers and technicians. Our highly skilled Product

Development team, all riders themselves, is currently engaged in designing, testing, and sourcing the

components that will make up the new Chief.

Our first year of production will be limited to the Chief platform with several distinct versions. Future models

are in the planning stages and will continue to balance classic design with modern technology. Yes, we will

produce the PowerPlus. All engine assembly will be done in-house. The engine will undergo significant

internal changes, but the shape will remain the same. The “bottle cap” is back.

Dealer Development is another primary area of interest to many of you. We are accepting enquiries at

www.indianmotorcycle.com. We expect the dealer appointment process to begin later this year. During this

process we will focus on selecting a network of highly capable brand champions. The primary requirement

will be to ensure a consistent and repeatable premium retail environment for our riders along with world-class


According to Indian Chairman Stephen Julius, “We are honored and inspired by your patience and continued

commitment to the resurgence of Indian Motorcycle. We feel certain that we will surpass your expectations

with our world-class staff, sound engineering platform and selection of dealers committed to premium




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the BOTTLECAP is here to stay...with all new guts on inside. :D :D :D

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Who is crazy enough to put 1k on a bike that


1. Doesn't exist.


2. Has no review's


3. Without being riden


4. No dealer network





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Old Coke, new Coke & Classic Coke!

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does anybody else smell a "bottlecap" trademark war brewing?


Common words like that would be very difficult to trademark. Rates right up there with HD trying to "trademark" the sound of their engines and pipes.

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I got it...






Oxymoron if I ever heard one... :Cartoon_1238:

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don't figure they'll send shit to me,...just filled out their questianare...lol n you know I told'm the TRUTH


Damn Charger, You didn't tell them about that cross-dressing thing you do, Did you ??? :babyhaha:

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does anybody else smell a "bottlecap" trademark war brewing?



Yes - I wondered the language - and I also wondered if it was strategic use - carving a niche - maybe going somewhere else?

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