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Janklow skates again

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Sioux Falls, S.D.-

 Bill Janklow was on duty as South Dakota's congressman when his car collided with a motorcycle last summer, meaning federal taxpayers would pay any civil damages arising from the fatal crash, a prosecutor has concluded.

 U.S. Attorney Tom Heffelfinger's decision came in connection with a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the former congressman and governor by the motorcyclist's family.

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The family still has the right to collect from his estate -




Our politicians are paid via annuities - Not pensions.


Annuities are not touchable - So the income stream can not be accesssed by any lawsuit.


Ever wonder how OJ makes an income?


Annuities purchased in the 90's - Pay him an almost $350,000 a year income.


And the Goldman's winning lawsuit doesn't matter.


EVERYONE should be have annuities - As part of their retirement plans.


Thanks, Danny






Q:  Who was the first Jewish man - To win a Heisman Trophy?











































A:  Ron Goldman

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