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All manuals and ignition curves posted

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www.infopg.com/indian.htm or click here if you're too lazy to type:  Lazy bastagges

enjoy, compliments of everyone!!! "i love it when a plan comes together"...hannibal from A-team

They take a long time to download..i'll prolly sell a compilation disc on ebay for like $10 bux or something--enuff to cover my cd's, bandwidth and shipping..that'll bring the prices on ebay for the manuals down!  If you authored the ignition curves and you don't want that included on the site or disc, please let me know..

eric :moped:

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Homer, Any source for a 99-01 parts listing?

What he said...

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1999 - 2001 Indian Service Manuals, and Parts Catalogs 4 Sale.  


These are of the last revision produced, which is "D".  

----- Date for Service Manual is 04/03 with p/n of 99-011.  "Covers CHIEFS ONLY"

----- Date for Parts Catalog is 7/02 with p/n of 98-059. This covers CHIEF'S, SCOUT'S, and SPIRIT'S.


Made by "Office Depot", these are nice quality, and have a COIL BINDING, which is nice, they stay open.  These books are made with 28 lb - 92 bright white paper, not cheap recycled 20 lb 80 brightness paper.  "THESE ARE NICE".



Price is at my cost plus $6.00 which will cover my trouble, cost of bubble envelope, and shipping w/ Delivery Confirmation.  


PRICES ARE;  PARTS CATALOG  --- $25.00 + $6 = $31.00

                 SERVIVE MANUAL --- $15.00 + $6 = $21.00


I only have 25 of each----so "ONLY -2- OF EACH" I'll sell to any one person in the begining to give everyone a chance.  When their gone thats it.  I won't be making anymore.  After a week or so I'll open it to whatever I have left.


I will take Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, and Cash.  Please comfirm with me before sending money by PM' ing me, or my E-Mail is CHIEFofNOTHING@cox.net .  Don't reply to this topic.


These are the only ones I have, and I'm not going to have other made up, so please don't ask.


I hope that I have done something for the forum that is appreciated.  Now if everyone would do something, this would be the best site on the internet.


Thanks in advance,  GREG THACKER


                          :grouphug:       :moped:       :grouphug:

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i haven't seen a pdf of the parts catalog yet..if someone wants to scan and get it to me i'll post..


ps..also posted the pp100 info from PAS for 04

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    I've been on the hunt for a PDF Parts Catalog myself for about 6 months now, and if they are out there, no one's fessen up.  You will be the first to know when I get it, or I know where you can get it.


Later, Greg    :)

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