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T-Shirt Alternatives to Ramp

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Searching for t-shirt alternatives (to Ramp, HD, etc.), I found some on CafePress (some may be infringing on trademarks)...but where's the Iron Indian versions!...coffee cups, aprons, wall clocks...


Nothing really exceptional, but maybe there's someone here that's more creative and can put up their own work (I'm not sure if those bouncing boobies are gonna work though...)...in any case I searched on "indian motorcycle"...


Here's a standard t-shirt:



and it's hat:



a wall clock:



an apron:




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We looked into doing something similar to that with the calendar photos from the last two years. First, it is a copyright infringement since they are simply using the Indian logo unless they've cut a deal. Second, it took them six weeks to get our first test order to us and the shirts, while of good quality, washed out the colors faster than Ramp's. They cannot print the color white on colored shirts and there's a bunch of other bizare limitations. In short, the quality wasn't anything we wanted to be tied to. Buyer beware.

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Do you think the color would wash out of the clock??


Just use cold water....

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It shrinks in the drier and you're left with a wrist watch.

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