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Three dead, one hospitalized.




A bunch from Granby CT and surrounding environs got outside of Keene yesterday on they way up and one hotshot yanked the highside of the doubleyellow in a corner on wide open Rt 9 and this gal in a Explorer mindin her own biz tried to dodge him. Truck got loose and rolled. She nailed the hotshot and ended up bowling through the pack. Took out three more bikes




The dead included helmeted and un helmeted. Ages all in they thirties to fifties. Statie said it was amazing the mess. Took them hours to figure out what happened what with the wrecked truck and the piles of bikes littering a stretch of the highway.




Am I calloused. Yep.


Does this happen every year? Yep.


Is anything going to make it better? One thing I know of.




Sooner or later some senators kid, or some senator hisself, is going to buy the farm doing stupid human tricks and there will be a major national thrust to outlaw motorcycles. It won't entirely succeed because there's billions of dollars at stake and that always leads to a spirited debate, but by the time the dust clears, riding will suck.




Cigarette industry- billions. Being a smoker- still legal but it sucks.




Think about it.

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Only one from Granby, Pop. Name sounds familiar.


Motorcycle crash survivor describes scene as "just a mess"

June 10, 2006


STODDARD, N.H. --Best friends since childhood, Dean Stoddard and Christopher Fontaine worked together and played together.


They bought new Harleys together last year, and on Friday, they rode together to New Hampshire for the start of the annual Motorcycle Week festivities in Laconia. But a sweeping curve separated them for good.


Fontaine, 39, of Chicopee, Mass., was killed along with two Connecticut men when one motorcycle's swerve into oncoming traffic triggered a crash that also injured five people.


Also killed were Steven Leamy, 38, of East Windsor, Conn., and Larry McFetridge, 54, of Bristol, Conn.


Donald Greene, 43, of East Hartford, Conn., was flown to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, where he was in critical condition. Kurt Neligon, 46, of Granby, Conn., suffered a leg injury.


Stoddard, 41, of Easthampton, Mass., was involved in the crash but wasn't hurt. A seventh motorcyclist was not involved in the crash.


Stoddard said he and Fontaine stopped at a gas station in Stoddard on Friday morning, and met the group of five motorcyclists from Connecticut. They all decided to head east to Laconia together. Fontaine and Stoddard were at the back of the pack when one of the Connecticut motorcyclists collided with a Jeep traveling west, Stoddard said.


The vehicle lost control and rolled over into the eastbound lane, according to state police, colliding with three other motorcycles.


Stoddard remembers seeing the Jeep coming downhill toward him, "just flipping and flipping."


"All I saw was that Jeep just turning," he told The Keene Sentinel. "We didn't know where to go."


Stoddard's Harley hit the back of the Jeep, but he was uninjured and was fully alert. He managed to get off his bike and run to his friend, but couldn't find a pulse. He described the crash scene as "just a mess."


"I guess I feel lucky," Stoddard said. "How lucky can I be? I just lost my friend."


The driver of the Jeep, Deborah Huston, 51, of Bowdoinham, Maine, was treated at the hospital and released, as were two of her passengers.


Stoddard said he checked on the other motorcyclists lying near the Jeep. He couldn't find a pulse on two of them, he said.


"They were all dead right away," Stoddard said. "Three of them were gone like that."

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Don't know what to say. :huh:


Think I'll just ride with my little group,seems safer that way.

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Safer to ride in smaller groups with riders you know. Even better when you have guys like Maldev, Lstresort, Hasbin, Blingbling, etc, with lots of experience in the group, who set ground rules before you ride for speed, lanes to be used, and rider positions. Ride Safe, AW

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