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Reading through my new editions of DIXIE RIDER and SOUTHERN BIKER today...both are free to pick up or you can order them delivered.

Saw a couple ads that were neat.....


Dixie Rider had small blurb about Indian being sold piecemeal...


Ad from Indian of Albany with the subtitle of WE DONT NEED NO FACTORY.....hahaha...i laughed outloud.  These guys  have been around since 1979, Billy Potter...and gives a discount to Dixie Rider  readers...says he is off the US 19 and Bus 82 Interchange on northeast side....somebody ought to ride over and introduce themselves and the iron indians...


then there is www.naked2u.com which is a bike review and information site..but instead of reading reviews...some girl gets on there and gets naked in video stream while telling you what the review said...so you watch and listen while she entertains you...hahaha.  On one she is using all the lingo and then slips off her clothes, gets on the bike they are reviewing and rides off...hahahaha


Finally had article called CONFESSION OF A BIKE THIEF...I want to shoot him in the kneecaps...guy is still stealing and is working a deal with cops to keep from getting hammered with 3 strikes rule...he operates mostly in NC but has gone to bike weeks in myrtle beach and daytona to steal bikes....quite eye opening.


see you all this weekend...now to see if there is a review on an Indian with that hot thing on www.naked2u.com :P

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Yeah Man ,, Billy Potter is a Good fella, some of his Mechanics will be at Tomoka Indian during Bike Week,, Also, Indian of Albany was the first Dealer Sponsor of the first IIRA Chapter...

  Cool !,,, Eh?


...........Just a little Trivia for ya .... :nod:

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