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Indian's new owner

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:bvictory: I think this is great! :bvictory:  I man that has been after the brand all along and has told everyone.

www.nrel.com then check out the latest news button. It has a very nice article on him. He's a Freaking BIKER himself! :bvictory: Like they say 3rd times a charm!

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that was a Oct 03 press release...so I still have not seen a new release from him... :pirate1:
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I was just talking about his vision for Indian being from last October...I thought from the description it was something he just released since it is under his NEWS link...that was all.  I have read in links that Lstresrt put out that he did in fact buy all the equipment and parts...but not the name or trademark property.  Thanks for the info...
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Guest BigChiefLtd

:no: Another Urban Legend??


So is this just another in a long line of "Maybes?"


Let's not jump the gun, folks... If we don't have anything official, then don't keep raising our hopes like that. If there IS something official, tell us.  Otherwise, it's just another exercise in frustration.

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here ya go :blues:


-----Original Message-----

From: Vicky Murawske [mailto:auction-alert@cmaauctions.com]

Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004 10:28 AM

To: CMA Auctions Announcement







CMA Auctions Update:


-- You are receiving this notice because you requested to be notifed via email each time there is a new CMA Auction to announce. If you would like to be excluded from future auction announcements, simply hit reply and let us know. We'll take your name IMMEDIATELY off the list. --









The Asset Liquidation Division of CMA Business Credit Services today announced that it has cancelled the public auction of equipment, inventory and accessories remaining from operation of Indian Motorcycle Corporation.  The auction was scheduled for January 21 and 22 in Gilroy, California.


Substantially all of the assets that were to be auctioned were sold in bulk to National Retail Equipment Liquidators, Inc. ("NREL"), of Kentwood, Michigan, pursuant to rights reserved by CMA in its Notice of Auction.


NREL has announced that it will conduct negotiated sales of substantially all of the advertised inventory commencing on January 21 and continuing on January 22.  The assets will be available for viewing on January 19 and 20.


Information regarding NREL and the disposition of the Indian assets is available at www.nrel.com.


Public auction of the real property located at 200 East 10th Street, Gilroy, California, has NOT been cancelled.  The auction will take place on January 21 at Gilroy's Historic Strand Theater, 2788 Monterey Street, Gilroy.  More information about the real estate auction is available at http://www.cmaauctions.com/auctions/168_indcomplex.html







Vicky Murawske, Auctions Coordinator


CMA Auction Services


E-Mail: info@cmaauctions.com


Internet: http://www.cmaauctions.com


(818) 972-5353    (800) 541-2622 ext. 152





CMA Business Credit Services offers:

--> business finance credit management solutions

--> commercial and consumer credit reports

--> commercial collections

--> credit exchange information by industry

--> construction forms filings

--> bankruptcy alternatives

--> asset liquidations and auctions

--> employment

--> credit and collection education and certification programs


Visit http://www.creditservices.org and http://www.anscers.com

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If ya have been paying attention these last 6 months,,,

Melvin has been buying up bikes from nervous dealers and re-selling them all along.....he's had bikes for sale since last Oct.

Jeez , read the press release and especially the last line.....

"If you need any help liquidiating you stock PLEASE call for a Free qoute.....er hose job.........

that's his business.....buy it for a dollar and resale it to make another dollar..

this guy ain't gonna build anything........he's a Indian nut just like us... he's just pushing money around......... :wave:

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I received the following in an e-mail from an Indian dealer...not sure what it is worth but it is authentic at least .




Ldys & Gents,


A little info that I just recieved from some one that 'was' on the inside. Not sure if this kind of info is out there or not yet in that I have not had time to try and find it. Read below;



As I promised you I would let you know when there was any movement regarding IMC. Here goes....


Bill Melvin, a liquidator from Michigan, just purchased all of the assets from CMA for a reported $3.6M. this included all inventory and machinery. Basically everything EXCEPT the IP and the building.


Our group is still very active in trying to aquire the tradmark and IP. Melvin did not purchase either of these and CANNOT build and sell Indian motorcycles.


George Nobile

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