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5 lessons learned

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Five Lessons learned, 9-11-01


Today is 9-11-05, and I wish to speak of lessons learned since 9-11-01, no this is not a rant on

the various political mistakes, uses of this day, or other blunders that can be linked to this

anniversary, there is time enough for that to be debated.


I will not speak of what brought us to that day, or the actions we have taken since then.  What I

wish to speak of, are the more important aspects, of what we should have learned and what we

should remember about that day.


1. We as a people can not live in a fishbowl,  our world is larger than the neighborhood in which

we live, and the things that we would like to say could never happen here, or to us, can.


2. No one knows the days or hours that are granted us in this world, and while preparing for the

future is important, we must not forget the importance of the now.


3. In the last few moments of life, it is love that comes to mind, not fear, anger or regret.  There is

never enough time to tell some one how important they are to you, or how much you love them.


4. The ability of our people to survive the unthinkable is directly related to our ability to provide

compassion, care and love to one another, even to those we have never met, perhaps most

importantly to those we have never met.


5. Wounds heal, but they leave scars, some are worn as medals of honor, and others are hidden as

marks of shame, but in the end it is only the degree of healing which separates the two.


Allot of good folks were lost that day, and as a result of that day, a lot of tables around the

country will have an empty chair at their Sunday dinner today, perhaps never to be filled.  My

thoughts and prayers are with those families.


To the spirits of all those that died, including 343 that are especially dear to me, We will never




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:I-Agree[1]:  :grouphug:  don't be afraid to tell someone you care or you love them, brother to brother, sister to sister.
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