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Local harley dealer

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Last night it was Puerto Rico Harley dealership

Motorsport show of the 2006 model line.

Lots of people, big celebration food/wine/drinking.

It was a nice.

they promoting the Vrod and Screaming Eagle models

strongly lots of colors the loaded ones over 30grand.

Pretty bikes those Harleys,

I wouldnt have traded in my Chief for 3 of theres.

Heard claims they sold everything on the floor.

HD amounts to about half of the total bikes on the Island,

from my personal gathered info I estimate 50thousand

registered motorcycles in the island, aside from

the Moped type Vespa style theres got to be more than 200thousand of those theres a big boom now with

the price of fuel and favorable weather.

Anyway I was the only Indian (The Chief, of course)

there but she wasnt lonely,

lots of admirers, got me a nice parking spot right by the entrance, it was fun to watch from a distance.

Indian Rules    :Spanish:

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Sweet!  I love showing up to those HDs shows on my Chief.
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