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View of my house

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Steve, Are you sure about that web address? It's a communications network site.


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If anyone would like to get a good look at my roof, go to globalsatellite.com, put in 5826 Catina St. New Orleans, LA then hit the button named Katrina.

Hate to tell ya, but you need to use the 'http://" button to put the URL in the post, so we know 'where' to enter the street address.


GlobalSatellite.com's website doesn't seem to have much content coded correctly, so it isn't very useful (non of the damn pages are available).


- -


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Hey I'm sorry for whats happening down there. If there's anything I can do from up here or if you and your family or any other member and their family needs to just get away and regroup my house is open. I know its a long way but it might do a person good to get away and figure out their next course of action.


Good luck, Al

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Looks like you have waterfront property ... no make that ...  hmmm, a houseboat.  I'm so sorry.   :down:


I know this sucks but I guess you can look at this as a fresh start, a new beginning.  Do you plan to remain in New Orleans? ??? I sure hope you had insurance, but with all this devastation, I don't know what good it will do you.  I hope and pray everything works out for the best.  My heart aches for you.

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