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This is the American Red Cross Disaster Relief number.



Call it now

Do it now

Give now


They need cash!

These poor people in LA and MS are in trouble!  Their whole world is gone and under water.  Let's do what we can for these poor folks, they need our help!

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My sister-in-law is in charge of the local chapter.

Today she received over 200 phone calls for donations, volunteers, etc. Her cell was still ringing when we left a few moments ago. She is on call 24 hours  to take questions and donations and looked pretty worn out.

People seem to think that they can bring in bags of groceries and she said they get very angry when she tells them not to.

They do not have the man power to sort and distribute that sort of donation at this time. That goes for blankets, clothes etc.

The first volunteers from here are being trained this week end and will fly out early next week to begin feeding people,

The commitmint is for 3 weeks at a time. The first group from here  is going to Houston. The next group is going directly to the affected areas. They will be living & eating alongside the victims in the shelters. It will be extremely rough conditions to say the least.

She said that only 4% of the donations go towards administrative costs. That is the top question of the day.

Also please specify that you want your donation to go towards the Katrina Disaster , otherwise it will go into the general fund.

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I understand about helping our fellow man but if you knew how ALOT of these funds were being used.I say its safer to give whats needed but not cash, maybe vouchers for rooms or meals... I only say this cause I'm here in Dallas and the abuse level is unbelievable we have alot of dislocated Americans staying at the Hotel (Adams Mark Dallas 1845 rooms) well lets just say their set with beer and drugs.....Its a freaking night mare here. and I realise that not all are misusing the funds. but the have seen an awful lot of disrespectful evacuee's and met a few real nice ones too.


My 02 cents

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I'm with ya jaycox. we sent clothes and food. if thats not good enough for the red cross then they need to go to the GENERAL fund and hire people to do the job. I bet they pissed away enough money during the twin towers to hire an army to handle this problem.
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