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Horn dawg update

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:;): Hi. Corky is out of the hospital and in a Rehab. for about  10 days, then he should be home. He is making good progress. There are some pre-surgery symptoms that won't leave, but we have to wait for at least 3 more weeks to work on them.

   The 50% Off Inventory Sale is going well. I haven't put "Sold" signs on what's gone out the door, but we've sold about 40% of what you see in the pix. Anybody who has the Red & Cream or all Red 03 Chief (not the Vintage) might like one of those Bright Red Tank Panels we're showing. http://www.horndawgleather.com

Thanks & Ride Safe,


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:o Thanks for all your great comments. Corky is still in the Rehab. Hospital making Slow but Steady Progress.

  When Indian closed its doors a couple of years ago, Corky started making tank bibs for other Bikes. In order to keep reducing inventory, http://www.horndawgleather.com is having a September Road King Rally Sale starting on Labor Day. (I still have to get inventory pictures to the webmaster.) We are not connected with Harley or Road King groups because of preference for Indian riders.

  If any of you can plug into on-line Road King chats or blogs and let them know about the sale, that would be great. Or if your neightbor rides a Road King, please share the news. Thanks Again For So Much,

Ride Safe, WildFire!

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