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Fender glass lenses...

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I took up one of the forum members and just installed a layered red glass lens in the Indian Reserection.


I made sure to clean the chrome, and very heavily silicone the lense and frame.  I then put pressure on the lense, tipped the whole assembly upside down, and let it sit outside for six hours.


After I bent the light up to clear the lense as instructed, I noticed that very little of the led actually lit the new glass up.  So, I lined the entire light frame with shiney aluminum foil before reinstalling on the bike.


It made a 200% increase, and really lights the new glass lens up.  Just a brief how to that worked for me.



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Thanks for the info. I appreciate the quick responses. So I take it that the light in the head has a hard time illuminating thru the glass then? What kind of bulb are you using? -DD Out
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