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Hillary attempts to

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The Bitch is still at it.




If The Socialist Senator Is Successful, US Troops Will Be In Even More Danger


Sen. Hillary Clinton's hatred and loathing of the US military has been made all the more clear by a statement she has posted on her official website.


In it, she complains bitterly that military recruiters are trying harder than ever to meet their recruiting goals so that we have enough military members to fight the war on terror.


She has also sent a letter to Donald Rumsfeld demanding that he do something to help prevent recruiters from protecting America.


Think this is a joke? Wrong. Click here http://clinton.senate.gov/~clinton/news/2005/2005627412.html and read what this woman, who wants desperately to be your president, is up to.

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We are still a volunteer military. Recruiters should be allowed to get info on high school students as they have. They should be allowed to go to any school that accepts public funds and set up “recruitment stands”.


If someone doesn’t want to join all they have to say is no thank you.

You got that one right!!

FOC 'em.

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everyone's views on the statement prolly go along with political stance..we tend to politicize everything...


recruitment is at an all time low...wonder why?

i remember recruiters coming to school..no harm there..

i understand and prolly agree with privacy issues...tho i straddle the fence...sometimes we take privacy issues too far..sometimes not far enuff....

it's funny tho....conservatives don't want "big brotha"....but the conservative gubment is asking to go deeper into personal info (tho i don't know how much useful personal a 16-18 y/o will have)...but we have all sorts of dichotomy on all sides of the political agenda...i.e. pro death penalty but anti abortion...

or anti abortion, but pro killing doctors....or anti death penalty, but pro abortion...freaks...


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