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Malfa mafia, posie posse, blackhawk bandits

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ok..it's geeky i know...


i was thinking of having some t's made for the "reunion" next week at malfa's...

so i came up with a name for the crew:...the malfa mafia..or maybe the malfia...or sumthin like that....

the T would be a soprano's kinda thing...a pic of Joe in the front and the whoever else in the back in a v shape....serious, bad ass'd looks and poses, ya know? then a few bikes in there somehow...

then i thought...hell, i'm gonna have to go visit Frank..maybe during Daytona or something and get a few of us with Blackhawk rebuilds for a reunion (and anyone else of course)..so i came up with the bandits...no idea's yet...but i also thought of the blackhawk bunch--and have a brady bunch kinda thing with frank and evening star in the middle....

i don't have a bike from posie (yet), but i came up with the posie posse--of which i'd be an honarary member for the time being...these T's could have a couple chiefs kinda caricaratured and have some "cowboys" ridin' them, roundin up the herd of other no name bikes...kinda like the artwork on wiggy's tank, but with motorcycles as the horses and non-discrept bikes as the buffalo...

mite be kinda cool....

No airwolf and badcad i'm not gay....


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Homer, breath into the paper sack. Easy now. Exhale, slowwly, now deep breath in, that's right , now exhale.


There, now... close yer eyes and go to your quiet place until this passes.


Be patient. Next week is coming.


Here, try this



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i don't drink coffee...

you guys are all jealous cuz i will be the first with a new Indian shirt!


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ok,,,i am gay...








































































































































i'm a lesbian and PROUD of it!


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I knew It...I knew it...I-Thank-You.gif











Junior!! :Beer-Chug[1]:

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