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With friends like this,

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That's pretty funny...


Reminds me of the time that a friend of mine passed out drink in college and we put a Kryptonite bike lock around his neck.  He wore that to classes for the next three day until he found which one of us had the key.


Ah, the good ole days.

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OK, drunk prank...but why keep it "hanging around" for two weeks???


and they say life is stranger than fiction!! :rotfl:

I don't know, I can understand why it took the bearer of the pad lock (2) weeks to find the courage to call the authorities.


Picture this phone call to your local locksmith:


Locksmith : "ABC Locksmiths, what can I do for you today?"


Padlocked testicle man : "Aaaaaa, Aaaaaa, can you help me?"


Locksmith : Well I don't know do you have a broken lock?"


Padlocked testicle man : "Aaaaa, Aaaaaaaaa, Kind of. Well, can you remove locks that have a broken key in them"


Locksmith : "Oh yes for sure, that is one of our specialties! Where are you located and is this a front door lock, back door, locker, car ignition? We handle all types of locks."


Padlocked testicle man : "Aaaaaa, how do I say this? Well, Aaaaa, its a pad lock and its locked around my balls!"


Locksmith : (silence) "Thanks for the prank call buddy" (click click as he hangs up on our hero)





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For sure if it were me, I woulda been takin hot showers only and you wouldn't catch me watching Americas Funniest Videos of guys gettin smacked in the privates either.


Things could get pretty dicy if the boys decided to tighten up.

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