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Went to Neptunes Net today with the wife. Meet two other Indian riders, one on a 2000 Chief the other on an 03 Chief. Checked out each others bikes and when I asked them if they were on the Forum, they both looked confused. Neither had ever heard of this site or the IIRA. So my wife says to me, you should get some business cards made up with the webpage info on it, this way you can give them out when you meet other Indian Riders or just leave it on their bikes if they are not around. Sounds like a good idea to me. Anyone else think it would be appropriate to do? Anyone doing this already? Seems if others like the idea maybe we should start doing this, it would be a great way to introduce other Indian Riders to the IIRA. Ride Safe, AW :moped:
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Always carry cards myself. Some got a greet, some got info too. The info ones I'm particular about who gets 'em. My current info card includes a cell and an email and if they want to get to the site I tell them email me for the link.

It's rare swapping cards anymore, but once upon a time it was a pretty fair way of keeping up connections.

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The card thing is a pretty good idea. I recently saw another indian rider (nicely customized 2000 Chief). I asked him if he was on the forum. He never heard of it. I started to tell him about it but I could see that I was getting nowhere. He was getting ready to get roll with his harley-riding buddies. Wasn't the right time to explain how to find the website. If I coulda slipped him a card, he might have looked at it later.

Oh well, maybe next time....

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We have cards...I thought I gave you one of mine a while ago.  Contact Lunchbox.  He has the layout and they are easy to print.

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Had cards printed up with Mary/Me calendar pic -


With our contact and IIRA forum info -


Less than $100 for 500...


Thanks, Danny

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