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Local biker dies

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I went to my local bike shop today "Freedom Cycle" and heard about this accident. The young man who perished is the owners son-in-law and rode daily. From what I heard he was about 45 minutes behind his wife and sister-in-law and had this accident. The tree had fallen between them passing this spot and when he went around the curve. Please pray for his wife and 10 month old child when you have a spare minute   :down:








Navy veteran killed in motorcycle crash

Tree limb in road blamed for accidental death.




Tribune Staff Writer

and WSBT-TV Reporter





Family members say Jerrad Derda was a responsible young man and a dedicated soldier who spent nine months serving overseas with pride.


But a freak accident late Wednesday took the Lakeville resident's life without warning.


The 24-year-old was killed in a motorcycle accident after he crashed through large tree branches sprawled in the road, St. Joseph County police said.


Derda was pronounced dead at the scene, according to a release.


County police were called to the 67000 block of Lake Trail shortly after 10:15 p.m. They found Derda lying in the road.


Police believe he was traveling east on Lake Trail when he drove through the branches of a large tree limb in the road.


The man died from massive head trauma, said Rex Rakow, St. Joseph County deputy county coroner. His death has been ruled an accident.


There were no other cars involved in the crash, and it was unclear how the branches got in the road, police said.


Neighbors said the street is curvy and extremely dark. Some believed the tree limb Derda hit must have fallen that evening.


The victim's father, Jeff Derda, said his son was in the Navy and had spent nine months in Iraq. He was working as a welder in Nappanee.


"I'll continue to be very proud of him and his service to his country and to protect our country," Derda said.


His son leaves behind a wife and 10-month-old daughter.

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That really Sux...Noooooooo.gif

Sorry to hear of this...Sorry.gif







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Damn Dog... I hate bad news


The Chiefins will bow our heads for the Family :tear2:

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Thoughts and prayers are with her and their daughter from addison,illinois




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Condolences to the family and all who knew him from Orange County, CA


Hey 1BIGDogg,


Is there a way that these responses be printed out & given to the family via "Freedom Cycle"?



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You can add prayers from Missouri City, TX, to the list.
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