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  1. If he wins it will be a tragedy and a travesty to our democracy. The rich will become sickening more rich, the less fortunate will become more down trodden & impoverished. Our country would become more divisive - more divisive than he has already made it. And, I'll personally ride to Washington, D.C. and take a shit on the lawn @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
  2. Trump will continue to remain Putin's Bitch as he moves to Russia after the election.
  3. I'm guessing Jeffrey Toobin is sleeping on the couch for the next couple of weeks? 🤣🤪
  4. This cheap lying denigrating piece of donkey cock foreskin Supreme Leader should be gang raped up his ass when he's finally removed from office. Unfortunately, the low life miserable assemblage of wasted atoms and molecules will dutifully resign, Pence will become President and pardon the low life fucking piece of scum.
  5. An IV of bleach and a UV up his ass will surely get rid of it. Why count on miracle drugs from God?
  6. https://giphy.com/stories/a-gif-timeline-of-what-trump-has-said-about-the-coronavirus-f9782d28-5f1d
  7. These drugs, you know, they're like a miracle from God. What a complete mind fucking idiot he is.
  8. Seems like our pathetic butt fucking supreme leader has caught himself a case of the nasties. Oh gosh, oh what a shame. Everything's going to be fine, we have this licked, it'll be gone by Easter - hopefully he'll be gone before next Easter.
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