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  1. I've added stage 2 S&S cams S&S flowed heads FTR1200R 60 mm throttle body Lloydz Challenger Race Tune #CRTV1 Cat delete 128hp 133 torque
  2. I know no other way ! Thanks Pete! #KingoftheBaggers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doZfmnJLdFw
  3. he's not a social media guy... his assistant Amanda does all the marketing on facebook. #LloydzGarage They built a new tuning shop at the Buffalo Chip and had a tuning shed at Daytona Bike Week. #CRTV1tune
  4. And fast as fuck.... ‘I just close my eyes when I throw a leg over it.... ‘but when I get on it... ‘it’s a beautiful thing.... so much fun to ride... * NOW WITH MORE SEAT OF THE PANTS POWER.... Lloydz Garage aka Lloyd Greer now part owner of Charlotte Indian..... ‘has cracked the ECU code on the Challengers. Removed or raised the speed limiter, and added 15% more torque and hp. #KingoftheBaggers CRT-V1 tune #ModernEraIndianMotorcycles *whether we like it or not
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