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  1. https://www.visordown.com/news/new-bikes/new-water-cooled-tourer-indian-revealed-patents #Chieftain108
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  4. #BIRDBRAIN *how screwed up is the future of our Country ?
  5. I found you...get you hand off my ass...#CrazyTrain #StayAloof #reunionNotrendezvous
  6. Wow Bob, no fun living with all that pain. Best of luck and be sure to think about how the future will be living pain free !
  7. Yo Hasbin.....*Don't forget to add that your wife's brand new Chevrolet Tahoe ......got the first NoDak Trophy buck last week ** no humans were harmed in the taking of the deer...
  8. Cyril. Tell us about the process by which Polaris concluded to go first the Indian Chief route, not the Scout, not the Indian Four or other platforms? Did you belong to this decision making process? What are the marketing rationales for such a decision? Greg Brew: At the beginning there were many different opinions and options, everything was open as far as possibilities. As you know there are lots of really smart guys at Polaris Industries, Inc. that know tons about bikes. I learned a lot. Plus we can build anything you want as far as powertrain, frame material, whatever. It was a time of open possibilities, big discussions, debates, campaigning behind the scenes. We had a huge discussion at our dealer meeting in Las Vegas. The whole team was there. We talked about an Indian 4, about a V-twin, about the American motorcycle. We had a few beers in us so it was pretty animated. It was very Polaris. It felt to most of us that the best path to acceptance was to do a Chief first as a v-twin circa 2013 http://cyrilhuzeblog.com/2013/08/03/exclusive-how-the-new-indian-chief-was-created-by-greg-brew-polaris-head-director-of-industrial-design/
  9. https://youtu.be/b5w4F6ak2Kk Why The F*+K don't my youtube videos show up in here GRRR>>>>>
  10. It's being marketed as a Performance Bagger. I spent a few hours on a stage 1 Challenger.The motorcycle is fun and very fast. It's not pretty in pictures, I give you that. I forgot all about how big that faring was once I got comfortable in the saddle. All those YouTube guys on demo rides giggling every time they get on it..... that's legit. I'm personally not stuck on the looks of the Challenger being the one and only reason I would choose to get in the wind. I like to ride motorcycles. The Indian Challenger is a blast to ride. My Gilroy is like a 69 Corvette I once owned. Beautiful to look at. Sounds awesome Goes like hell. Stoped and turned like shit. Basically ... heater and keys! The #IndianChallenger is like a new Corvette. Fast, fun and full of creature comforts. Thankfully the new motorcycle design team has been in place for more than 12 months now. If we believe the gossip, Polaris is fresh out of old Victory engine designs. They (Polaris) are designing from the ground up a new inline 4 engine to allegedly be placed into the next version of the Slingshot. They are dumping the GM engine. Big R&D budget required for something like that. Slingshot sales are just like the discontinued Chief Classic. All done. So if we are to believe Polaris is throwing good money after bad, I predict they will indeed build an inline -4 motorcycle based off the engine already in development and using the Slingshot platform as a test mule. A new revamped Slingshot is coming. How many can they possibly sell. Everybody who wanted a new and different kinda toy bought one. The same goes for Full Fendered Chiefs. The sales are clear. 4-1 open fender vs valenced ( skirts) That outa get the 5-6 thousand Nostalgia bandwagon panties in a bunch. There has been a lot of noise about building an inline-4. Very tough to recreate a bike like that with a clear nod to the original pre-53 design and create something called a profit. No way they sell more than 10,000 units. We are the targeted buyers. Heavyweight Cruisers market is stagnant. Should Indian Motorcycle of Spirit Lake be a "loss leader " for a now ...$6 Billion dollar public entity? That's what I'm hearing. Polaris bought our beloved Indian Motorcycle brand for #StreetCred. We all know it. How can they create real shareholder value by treating Indian Motorcycle as a boutique brand? I would like that. Hope it happens. Doubt it. Porsche is now a SUV Company. They used to make sports cars. Polaris is a ORV Company. They used to make Victory motorcycles.
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