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  1. I forgot to mention a few of other equally stupid over reaches by the FEDS... HR1 which rips the State's control of election regulation and transfers those powers to the Federal level. Federal funding of abortion on demand to fill the coffers of Planned Parenthood's stem cell sales derived from the body tissues of aborted fetuses ~ the more developed late trimester victims being the most lucrative which is why many blue states have extended legal killing of babies to include the most lucrative viable late term harvested infants.
  2. CCP Bioweapon, BLM/AntiFa rampages, Migration, Oil Pipeline cancellation, Media, morons, VoteFraud, Election Theft, Great Reset, Theft from future generations to fund nebulous beneficiaries with lion's share of $timilu$ $$$$$$$, Covid Lockdowns, Critical Race Theory curriculum in Schools, Media reporting, Military & Government, Small Businesses shut under pain of incarceration, multiple false flag panic reports, Gun Control drivel, never before seen limits on personal Liberty... These jackass fuckers are the new nazi party.
  3. YEP CCP or ChineseCommunistParty VIRUS to be exact. CCP [made possible by fauci] virus ?
  4. Bio Weapon Deployed October 2019 at War Games held @ Wuhan China The missing piece
  5. No doubt about it Search in the archives to find your answer
  6. https://odysee.com/@reallygraceful:3/why-did-the-media-turn-on-bill-gates:8
  7. They fail like it's their job to fail... Consider the possibility that we are led by idiots.
  8. Obama, Rice & Jarrett basement pajama party are pulling the strings...from a few blocks away. It shows ‘Muslim Brotherhood & Planet of the Apes Had a Child’
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