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  1. https://intellectualfroglegs.com/crash-and-bernie/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/fNxEJRrnRxXg https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/watch/crash-and-bernie-intellectual-froglegs_A7NHc7Al5CkY2A8.html
  2. " Common sense comes last. If you get a cold or the flu, you’ve run down your immune system. Overwork, overeating, lifestyle, etc. The only way that can resolve is to support the immune system. How? Rest, hydration, detox, stop working, get adjusted. Then your own body will cure you. There are no drugs or vaccines that cure viral illnesses, no matter what you read in everyday media or wikigooglepedia. So here’s what’s going to happen. Same thing that always happens. Nothing. As soon as the vaccine is fully funded, the whole coronavirus “epidemic” will vanish from our radar and we’ll never hear of it again. How do we know that? Because the same thing just happened 10 times since 2002 with all the other Boutique Epidemics. It’s a proven business model, and it works. Generates billions every time – they can resist anything but temptation.. Once that happens, bank tellers will stop wearing masks, and you won’t have to wash your hands before you pump gas any more. Just watch! Why doesn’t everybody notice this recurrent pattern? With all the vital issues we have to worry about in the world today, coronavirus certainly isn’t one of them." 'For those addicted to the everyday Kool-Aid of tabloid media at CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, Yahoo News, etc. you’re in for a big surprise... Don’t have to be much of a fortuneteller to see all the usual signs falling into place: The fading of the illness despite desperate attempts to keep it alive. The lack of legitimate testing proving patients actually all have the same disease The recent funding, which always signals the end of any Boutique Epidemic ($8B) So what was this all about – what was the objective from the outset? Was it merely the $8.3 billion pork barrel for local, state and federal employees to squabble over? With media’s increasing stranglehold and censorship of oppo information now in place, this particular Boutique Epidemic got a little carried away and had an excessive effect on the stock market, travel, group gatherings and international trade. Which has not yet corrected. But all that will eventually normalize, as soon as the politics resolves itself. So stop worrying about it, exercise, bu8ld up your immune system. Keep watching for the bottom of the market, and then go about your business. Stop listening to science fiction stories about how bad it could get, etc. written by those who lack apposable thumbs.. Or about how it’s the President’s fault for not doing this or that, etc.' 'Never let a crisis go to waste ~ use it to promote your agenda every time.'
  3. Most politicians and lawyers are parasites that replicate. Never let a juicy crisis go to waste (remember Jussie? and the 'laws' that provoked?) 'During the Boston Marathon bombing, government managed to lock down an entire city. Now the government is seeing if they can lock down an entire country. If they succeed, then it will become routine. “Lock down!—Everyone must be at home so we can administer mandatory vaccines! Or, “Lock Down! Everyone must be at home so we can confiscate your firearms!” And so forth. Our freedom of speech will be restricted. Only government will have the official word along with the CDC and World Health Organization. By the way, Bill Gates helped fund the WHO and I also heard he was part ‘owner’ of the virus patent. Last week he suddenly resigned from Microsoft’s board. Perhaps he knows he’s partially responsible in some manner and is heading to a private location to avoid a hemp necktie.' Same old same old. SelfReliance is where it's at Stay safe
  4. Noteworthy chronological counterpoints to the mass confusion: https://thedoctorwithin.com/blog/2020/02/10/newsletter-february-2020/ https://thedoctorwithin.com/blog/2020/03/10/newsletter-march-2020/
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