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  1. Last year someone reported to the police that our group was planning on mooning the train when it went by. AND I got a call from the cops - which never sets my day off on a good foot.
  2. Right about when the rally is going on, I should be sitting on the beach out on the Outer Banks in NC. I'll enjoy a brew in your name.
  3. The concrete slab is all fixed up now. Gazebo etc., even a place for a fire. Hope you guys enjoy yourselves.
  4. I haven't gotten the dates nailed down yet - but it will be early / mid June.
  5. I live in Colorado, which is partly why I'm tired of going there. There are a lot of nice places to go in Colorado - Durango for me is sort of a "meh". On my way to the Outer Banks I'll be going through Tennessee to visit the town where my father was born - and where my grandfather and great grandfather lived their lives. Then I'll hit the Dragon, visit some old friends in North Carolina, then the OB, then ride the Blue Ridge Parkway. Should be fun. In late August I'll be riding through the Black Hills (3 days there), then over to Yellowstone (3 days there). A couple of other trips might sneak in over the summer too.
  6. Have fun everyone - I won't be there this year and am instead riding back to the Outer Banks.
  7. I think President Trump came along too late - the country has already gone over the edge. Everyone (except the majority of the people) is against him. He has about as much chance of raising the country out of crisis, as would a person trying to bail out the Titanic with a bucket.
  8. Apparently this animal has to serve his charge in San Francisco first. The Fed Marshals say they want him turned over to them when his SF time is done. So here's the question: how likely is it that SF will actually turn this guy over the the marshals? Not likely at all in my view - so if they don't what will the feds do about it?
  9. I'm left pretty much speechless, and can't believe they let this murderer off with only the charge of a felon in possession of a handgun. What the hell is wrong with people? - that was a rhetorical questions, because I know what's wrong... as a mass, people are just fucking stupid. Justice is long dead in our country, and no one is really interested in the 'noble' issues the profess to support. Instead it's just a fashion statement - they pose and protest but do so out of the fame or esteem they get from their delusional support groups. Super rich NFL players kneel - saying they do so because of black deaths at the hands of policemen. Yet, they do nothing constructive to improved the impoverished neighborhoods where they claim these killings occur. The fact that close to 95% of young black men that are murdered are killed boy other young black men doesn't fit their narrative, and so it gets no mention. Instead they make a fashion statement of kneeling at football games - INSTEAD of actually doing something - like investing some of their own wealth into those poor neighborhoods to produce jobs. Legislators refuse to enforce immigration laws, and actually reward (with our money) those who illegally sneak into our country. This is like confronting a burglar and continually giving him money in hopes that he'll leave. It's beyond stupid - but legislators keep it up because they want to be seen as compassionate to the needs of their people, again it's just another fashion statement. The truth is that they want the votes of these illegals and their extended families, so their so called compassion is entirely self serving. Now we have the murder of a beautiful young woman in San Francisco. An illegal alien, with 6 felonies on his record - released 6 times back into the public by bleeding heart liberals (see above paragraph) claims he found a gun, then pointed it at this lovely young woman and shot her. His aim wasn't the best because the bullet ricocheted on it's way to its eventual murderous destination. Legally this should have been either a 2nd degree murder or at the very least manslaughter; and yet he got off with the conviction of a felon in possession of a firearm. So why am I posting this on a biker forum - well, I've decided to change my travel plans for next summer. I was going to head out to Kali to visit my daughter and her children, but that's off the table now.
  10. We put rabid dogs down - and should do the same for rabid humans.
  11. I'm getting my Springfield painted - dark teal / forest green color, with pinstriping. Nothing too fancy... I'm no Fireman Dave. I'm looking for ideas for the front fender. Right now I'm thinking of just adding a detail behind the fender lamp and leaving the skirt empty. Has anyone pinstriped the sides of their front fender? If so, would you mind sharing a pic?
  12. Maybe that's why we haven't heard what the motive is. Now that's an inconvenient truth!
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