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  1. I just saw one sell on Facebook for 5 grand. It was silver and purple. Running and with all kinds of accessories. They are our there. Al
  2. Yes Mark is great, 20-25 years ago I went to an Eric Clapton concert and he had Mark as a guest guitarist. Awesome concert. Al
  3. sounds to me like Teddy's tin foil hat is too tight. I agree with taking care of ones self and going out I don't wear a mask but I would put one on if I needed something from a business that asked me to. And if Teddy or anyone else doesn't back out of my face when asked to the virus would be the least of his worries. Mind you I have always been that way I don't care for people getting too close to me you can speak to me out of arms reach. Al
  4. Try Maldev. I believe Robert is running this site now. Welcome back. Al
  5. On a side note Randy Bachmans brother was my English teacher. Al
  6. Yes I have seen BTO a couple times. Saw Burton once. Seen Neil 3 times. All from Winnipeg. Al
  7. Was a fan since the 70's but the first time I saw him live was at the Winnipeg folk fest in the early 80's he is great on the main stage but when you get up close and personal in the work shops its a whole different experience. I was going to see him again this year as he was back at the folk fest in July as a head liner. Al
  8. He was my all time favorite musician seen him live 3 times. Last time was 6 years ago in Nashville me and Beth went for our 20th anniversary. He was as good as the first time. The music world lost an Icon. Rest in peace Mr Prine. Al
  9. Can you prove this false?? I find it funny how all stuff said bad about him is taken as gospel truth and anything good is taken as a lie. A lot of what has been said as lies has come out as the truth so its kinda wishy washy. He was acquitted and from what I've seen it was rightly so. If the democrats would honestly spend more time on dealing with America than trying to destroy Trump the US would be MUCH better off IMHO. I wish you all the best my friend but it looks to me like you will get him for another 4 years after the latest witch hunt was shot down. Al
  10. I think that statement works for both parties. Never understood the total hatred for Trump while the Pelosi gang gets a pass. Trust me I thought Trump was an idiot before he even entered politics but what I see is a biased witch hunt because he isn't playing suck up to everyone. Oh well you got him for another 4 years and I believe this time his win will be by a greater margin than the last time. My .02 Al
  11. That's just it Robin, Why would they want to do anything for the democrats? All they have been doing is wasting the American peoples time and money trying to find something to discredit him. I would say fuck em too. They need proof he doesn't need to supply squat. Also what is wrong with fucking porn stars?? I've seen a few that are totally doable. Al
  12. Kinda like owning a Gilroy eh? Once fixed they are bullet proof. Al
  13. You got this. I cannot speak of knees but I have had both hips replaced and am extremely glad I did. The down time will be minor and you will be happy about getting the function and mobility back. All the best my friend. Al
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