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  1. Like I said I'm watching from the outside and don't have the hate for a man that is clouding a lot of people's minds. I've always said he was an idiot from way before he decided to run for potus but when he became the potus it showed just how evil and spiteful the democrats really are. I saw some hate during Obama's reign but nowhere near the level I've seen during Trumps. Al
  2. All being said Robin I would sooner sit down and discuss all the worlds problems with you over some drinks my friend. You take care and stay safe. Good luck with Biden/Harris. I give it 2 years before they start another war somewhere. Al
  3. And this is what I have been seeing a lot of. This has been spoken about before. He had cut off ties and banned Epstein from his clubs years ago but Democrats always try to say they were best of friends when it been proven that they aren't. Yet the Democrats don't bring up Clinton or Prince Andrew. Why is that?? Al
  4. I didn't see him anywhere incite riots I did see him say something to the effect that they can protest at the capitol but honestly Robin that is a right of the American people. No where did he say to break the law or trash the capitol. And everyone who did damage or riot should be arrested and charged no different than when the BLM/antifa idiots lit the capitol up. Al
  5. I will give you that, I don't understand fully how your system works but from what I see on the outside looking in the democrats have done nothing but throw a 4 year hissy fit. If Trump was that stupid one would think they could have manipulated him into giving you your concessions. I don't like the tariffs but I understand them. they did help bring back manufacturing jobs. Minority unemployment was/is at an all time low. I have seen some of what the dems put in their relief packages and they seem to help everyone but the average American. As for his personnel I believe he wasn't sure who to t
  6. That's why I was asking. The numbers I saw jobs were up especially for minorities. The manufacturing was up. No one could have predicted covid shut downs. Not trying to argue with you Robin I'm just saying I don't think he did a bad job considering he was not a politician and if the democrats would have tried helping America instead of constantly attacking Trump with BS maybe things would have been even better. You got to agree the Democrats are not innocent in this. Name me one thing they did during the last 4 years. My .02 Al
  7. Bwahahaha. That's funny. We all know its kept that cold so the micro chip they are implanting doesn't start functioning until it reaches body temp. Al
  8. kinda reminds of the last 4 years with the democrats. They did absolutely nothing but bitch and moan about losing the election and then tried everything they could to get him removed. would have been nice if they had put all that energy into helping the American people don't ya think? My opinion on the election is Trump lost because he wouldn't shut up. Had he stopped with his tweets and left things alone he would have won a second term. IMO. Al
  9. I just saw one sell on Facebook for 5 grand. It was silver and purple. Running and with all kinds of accessories. They are our there. Al
  10. Yes Mark is great, 20-25 years ago I went to an Eric Clapton concert and he had Mark as a guest guitarist. Awesome concert. Al
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