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  1. That’s back on first pedo joe said. “White extremists are the biggest threat to America” the Hunter said the “N word” and now “climate change is the biggest threat to America “ they just pushed Merrit garland on it , however they are also working on a system where you can turn in family friends and neighbors suspected of extremism ( that means anyone that questions the stolen elections or places America First).
  2. You all are in deep shit now. With the exception of the clueless idiots that actually voted for this disaster . For most of you AG Garland says the biggest threat to America are white extremists, meaning anyone that supports President Trump or dare question the fraudulent election.
  3. The clueless demented asshole will be meeting with a former KGB intelligence officer tomorrow. we would be better off sending corn pop
  4. The only people that dumber then traitor Joe are the clueless idiots that did actually vote for him
  5. This clueless demented idiot should get even one term , he is fraudulent, placed into office by a rigged election. even with the number of complete dumb fucks that actually did bite for him there is no way he scored 80 million votes.
  6. I hope nobody has is or has a family member that requires insulin , the commiecrats are ending President Trumps discounted program fro insulin. It’s a good thing the assholes don’t have to hear about mean tweets though
  7. Eric “I was held in contempt of Congress for lying “ holder has crawled out from Obuttholes asscrack to push another unconstitutional act stating that the DOJ should stop the maricopa election audit . they must be getting worried that Barry sent him out to push their narrative
  8. I hate to say I told you so. Scroll back a few pages. Commie bastards
  9. 77 years ago yesterday, the world was saved by a magnificent display of toxic masculinity. Operation Overlord landed allied troops on the beaches of Normandy changing the course of history. anyone hear anything from the illegal regime in DC? Anyone anyone ? No they pushed a narrative of how bad America is and referenced a race war in Tulsa in 1921. they never stop pushing their narrative of “America Last”. But the butt hurt morons don’t have to see mean tweets from President Trump anymore
  10. Gas prices hit $6 a gal in LA, Putin warning America that he will initiate actions in the upcoming week, China “preparing for war if America investigates Wuhan”. Iran enriching uranium to weapons grade status. Inflation highest in a decade . the election was rigged and stolen however to all of you complete dumb fucks that actually voted for this America last regime , I hope you lose complete control of you bowels and live to be 90. Jack offs
  11. Traitor Joe imports oil from Iran for the first time since 91, after putting tens of thousands of US oil workers out of work by closing the Keystone pipeline that President Trump opened. it’s a good thing the clueless idiots don’t have to hear about mean tweets though
  12. Deep state globalist rigged and stole two elections that we know of. Why aren’t they hanging from gallows ?
  13. Said it long ago. These commie bastards hit us with a bio weapon
  14. They don’t have to see Trumps mean tweets . Too stupid to consider the rest of the destruction this anti America regime is enacting
  15. AN HONEST ELECTION — 1. Deleted databases 2. No chain of custody 3. Nobody knows the admin password 4. Election officials panicking 5. Huge amounts of digitally adjudicated ballots 6. Not allowed to look at the router 7. Router shared with at least 50 other networks 8. Election run by a private vendor 9. A hundred lawyers defending election officials 10. Soros’ Sheriff running interference 11. Ignored subpoenas 12. Missing ballots 13. Hammer and scorecard? 14. Secretary of state taking campaign gifts from foreign countries 15. County voter files hacked then cov
  16. Man I sure chould go for a mean tweet and $1.79 a gallon gas about now. how bout you ?
  17. Hey Doc. Can you send me a PM. You can’t receive any thanks!
  18. The commiecrats will not allow Rolling Thunder this year. I guess when you steal an election you can’t have thousands of bike riding Patriots too close. but hey the idiots that won’t have to hear tweets from that mean old Trump
  19. Adios to GM. They have joined Firs in moving a plant back to Mexico to escape pedo Joe’s tax plan. President Trump had American manufacturing coming back to America. Gone now more jobs, more income. but hey they dumb asses don’t have to hear mean tweets from Trump anymore
  20. Sure hope the stupid morons that voted for pedo joe don’t plan on selling their home. He wants to tax you 40% on the sale . “Oh taxes will only be raised if you make over $400,000 a year “. I like this one too “ if you make $400,000 a year you should be paying more taxes”. Another idiotic statement by butt hurt dopes
  21. America has been taken over by a hostile regime. The clueless morons that actually did vote for this weren’t even close to putting them in the White House. the election was rigged and stolen and they are moving as fast as they can to stifle any resistance. This will not progress well for America
  22. The weak and feeble minded useful idiots scurried around fake news sites trying to justify why that mean old Trump was a liar and should be replaced.
  23. The commiecrats are planning to stack the SCOTUS with four more justices. Just like the election, can’t win on policy , change the rule and cheat. it’s a good thing the anti Trump Butt hurting Morons can feel better about not hearing about mean tweets
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