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  1. If your actually elected by We the people , you wouldn’t need 10,000 troops defending your inauguration.
  2. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/12/breaking-big-pentagon-halts-biden-transition-defense-briefings/?fbclid=IwAR1jtoChg567QoaWrbrZIy7B3kguP3LsZmDHFPmyo-0D_WO5dOmM-gnE9go
  3. Hey Brain childs. Are you watching what Joe’s agenda is shaping up too? IF he becomes President. Already announced 35 billion tax on hi owners. Already announced Lurch as “climate Czar and plans on re entering the Pais climate agreement. ( higher taxes on energy) ” oh he’s not increasing taxes on anyone that earns over $400k per year “ Stupidity at its finest
  4. Okay you win. Print this out and place it somewhere you will see it over the few years November 7, 2020 Average gas price $1.89 Deisel $2.09 Average interest rate 2.75 stock market close over 27,000 past four years No beheadings or terrorist attacks on America No new wars started GDP over 3% Average household income up $5,000+ since 2016 8 million people off of god stamps since 2016 Record low in employment Record high US manufacturing second amendment protected strongest military since WW ll when it all falls apart you can be proud of your support for the anti American agenda that these scumbags will unleash all because the orange man made your butt hurt
  5. Just an FYI. The media does NOT have any authority to call elections , each state requires ratification and that is the responsibility of the electoral team and the state legislature. Al Gore went 42 days in a challenge for the state of Florida only. There are at least six lawsuits and 4 re counts , not to mention Justice Alitos order to separate and investigate all ballets received after Tuesday, “glitches “ in voting software and a numerous other blatant examples of fraud and malfeasance. Bottom line this is not over , it’s just starting. As mentioned earlier if your okay with this there is no reason to cite in any future election because the criminals behind this own you
  6. I live in a country and went through that country's time when millions of postal and advance votes were manufactured for the Military Party, but our People's Party won anyway through overwhelming turnout. The problem with the USA is that there are 70 million people who know what's happening, and will vote for the man (Trump) who will straight up tell them what's happening - and then there are 65 million people who have drunk the Kool-Aid brewed by the billionaires. Now normally a 5 million vote difference would settle things beyond a doubt, but here's the awful truth, Americans: in a 52-48 election with 135 million people voting, it's easy to manufacture and switch 4% with plausible deniability. In my country the vote against the dictatorships was 70% to 30 % and that margin was just too much for the vote riggers, who threw up their hands and conceded the election .... for the time being. They're still plotting today to take back power. Americans, LEARN THE LESSON OF MYANMAR.
  7. I have news for you , you’re no Republican, if so you wouldn’t support their socialist agenda. That’s right read their platform on the DNC site , it’s a 162 pages about “transforming America “ basically written by Bernie and AOC. Now let’s get to your “conspiracy” comment. First all the Republicans dominated all of the elections. First time in history the republicans didn’t lose ONE house seat and gained 10, also retained the Senate. The President dominated in the swing states and was well ahead at mid night (PA by over 600 thousand votes). Similar in GA, NC, WI, MI. When he was leading counting STOPPED. At 4am vans pulled up with boxes and coolers of ballets in MI and WI 140.000 ballets magically appeared ALL Biden . Do this , take a coin out and flip it , see how many times it lands on heads, doubt it will be 140,000 IMPROBABLE!!! Whether your republican or democrat you should be pissed as hell at this corrupt and criminal activity if your okay with this you’re nothing more than an idiot easily controlled by the elites in DC what kind of MORON supports and idiot that tells you they will raise your taxes their first day in office ?
  8. Just curious. ... what if of idiot votes for a candidate that says he will raise your faces his first day in office ?
  9. Be sure to vote for Joe. enjoy your higher taxes depressed economy lower property values higher crime weakened national defense open borders redistribution of wealth 4 trillion of new debt with the “green new deal” dumbasses You vote yourself into socialism, you have shoot your way out im sitting somewhere right now that will resemble America if the commiecrats take power
  10. I think you are mistaken , we did get rid that scumbag on Jan 20 , 2017. President Trump has been making America great again since we got rid of Barry
  11. I recommend upping your dosage. Pace your self. You have four more years
  12. That’s just a “peaceful protest “. According to the dumb fuck demoRATS
  13. Biden/Harris campaign slogan “Joe/Blow 2020” she gives a new meaning to “taking a knee”
  14. They fucked up hockey earlier this week , so I don’t watch that either . Dickheads
  15. The commiecrats are defunding and disbanding law enforcement, and the shits stains now want to close down the NRA. Refer to Saul Alinskys “Rules for Radicals” if you want to know why?
  16. Col Paul Tibbits and crew bringing the heat!
  17. Here’s a list of what these idiots want to do if they take the election https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/07/24/pollak-23-extreme-left-wing-ideas-in-the-democrats-draft-2020-platform/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
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