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  1. For any of you guys that like to hit the hammock or sit back with a scotch and read, my partner wrote a book called “Relevant”. It’s about a CIA groomed sniper hunting targets on a provided “kill list” . We have been instructed we can only state this book was “inspired by true events “. it’s available on Amazon and we are currently in talks with some film producers, more information here.. https://www.relevantthebook.com/
  2. I have traveled in the Middle East. Women have been wearing face coverings most of their life, THEY have COVID , especially in Iran . The COVID virus is basically categorized including the common cold , seasonal flu, pneumonia and more , “19” just designates the release 2019. This was engineered in Wuhan lab 6 and intentionally released to take down the roaring economy of the US . The demorats , deep state and the news media utilized it to play the “useful idiots”. <( refer to Karl Marx communist manifesto ) in addition they now have the useful idiots mobilized into an insurrection based on a false narrative. If your butthole hurts now because President Trump doesn’t wear a mask, gets 3 scoops of ice cream or says mean things , if he does not get the elected in November , your butthole will feel like a giant donkey dick is drilling to China .
  3. https://m.facebook.com/1887156601563561/photos/a.1927683160844238/2675920689353811/?type=3&source=57&refid=52&__tn__=EH-R
  4. Enjoy brothers, be safe and celebrate the greatest country on earth!!
  5. I just celebrated my 10th birthday , 10 days earlier. I had hippie parents that were 17 and 19 years older than me that always had cool music cranked up in the car and house. I think the only music I have from this century is Blackberry Smoke, John Mayer and Jamestown Revival
  6. Watching these scum bag shit stains lurking around Lafayette Park makes me wonder why security forces haven’t utilized LRAD and Devils Breath on the sub human vermin. Works every time
  7. Largest amphibious assault in history and changed the outcome of history. The men that carried out didn’t have “safe spaces” they selflessly charged into certain death to achieve victory. May they be dancing in “Fiddlers Green” with Gods blessing. Thank you to the greatest generation!
  8. Ya know if the chop the head off a snake, the rest of snake dies off. Just sayin
  9. The commie scum in the video is one of Soros team of specialist. He is paying the useful idiots and directing them to action
  10. Let’s see... Bogus Russian collusion. FAIL Impeachment scam. FAIL COVID shutdown. FAIL Lets go back to the basics, stir up civil interest with useful idiots across America
  11. To most , tomorrow is part of a long weekend, maybe the start of summer and a BBQ... this weekend families across America will visit stark headstones and will be sitting down without a member of the family present . This weekend when you pour a glass of whiskey, gaze out over the water or feel the wind on the road , give a silent note of thanks for all of those that have the ultimate for America and Freedom we enjoy , this weekend enjoy America and your families and friends for them . 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  12. This bullshit was engineered in a Wuhan lab, originally planned to relays on the pro democracy protesters on China. One was the virus was released, the powers to be be thought it would be a great way to take down the US economy. the Chi Comms stopped inter country travel out of Wuhan , but sent 400,000 plus out of China around the globe . Keep in mind COVID 19 is a variant of the basic flu ( all classified under COVID). This one was engineered for max contagious effect. There’s a 99% survival rate, what sucks is it will be lethal to older folks with compromised immune or respiratory systems . Now enter our wonderful scumbag media industry and the anti American DEMoRATS that control them. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” ( Raheem Emmanuel) . With the coordination of the media, inside beaurocratic dickheads throughout our corrupt government, this is the opportunity the “deep state “ sought to take down the economy, try and blame President Trump, and expand government control over the populace. BTW Hydroxychloroquine has been successfully treating COVID with zero side effects providing it is induced early , now keep in ind that it is effective , plentiful and cost about $12 bucks for a treatment. No money to be made, Remdevsiver on the other hand is patented by a major narcotics Corp and heavily invested into by George Soros, the Clinton’s, Bill Gates and more . Maybe why the media is reporting negative about a 70 year old drug and raving about Remdesiver Now enter the Pelosi and the rest of the treasonous assholes that will anything to stay in power , 3 Trillion in spending ( our GDP is around 4) the bill includes aid for illegals ( aren’t supposed to be here anyway) , money for various liberal pet projects ( green new deal) regulations , money for China and there “Cheat by mail” voting scheme Their playbook, break the economy, increase debt, open borders, and get as many people dependent on the government as possible , keeps them in their Cush jobs Multi millionaires on a salary of less than 200 grand . The founders would be stacking bodies by now .
  13. Good to be back with the fine gentlemen. Doc I covered up all openings on the Injun when I put it away. Just pulled the cover off today , still on the tender may try and get it out for the first time this week. Supposed to be cold and raining until the weekend hope you all are well and not subjected to unconstitutional orders
  14. Close out of the country for a bit hoe you all doin?
  15. Got it. Your personal hated supersedes you approval of a booming economy, low unemployment, strong military, record median household income, secure borders, favorable trade deals and kicking ISIS ass.
  16. You boys can always put your full support behind Bernie ?
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