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  1. Be sure to vote for Joe. enjoy your higher taxes depressed economy lower property values higher crime weakened national defense open borders redistribution of wealth 4 trillion of new debt with the “green new deal” dumbasses You vote yourself into socialism, you have shoot your way out im sitting somewhere right now that will resemble America if the commiecrats take power
  2. I think you are mistaken , we did get rid that scumbag on Jan 20 , 2017. President Trump has been making America great again since we got rid of Barry
  3. I recommend upping your dosage. Pace your self. You have four more years
  4. That’s just a “peaceful protest “. According to the dumb fuck demoRATS
  5. Biden/Harris campaign slogan “Joe/Blow 2020” she gives a new meaning to “taking a knee”
  6. They fucked up hockey earlier this week , so I don’t watch that either . Dickheads
  7. The commiecrats are defunding and disbanding law enforcement, and the shits stains now want to close down the NRA. Refer to Saul Alinskys “Rules for Radicals” if you want to know why?
  8. Col Paul Tibbits and crew bringing the heat!
  9. Here’s a list of what these idiots want to do if they take the election https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/07/24/pollak-23-extreme-left-wing-ideas-in-the-democrats-draft-2020-platform/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
  10. For any of you guys that like to hit the hammock or sit back with a scotch and read, my partner wrote a book called “Relevant”. It’s about a CIA groomed sniper hunting targets on a provided “kill list” . We have been instructed we can only state this book was “inspired by true events “. it’s available on Amazon and we are currently in talks with some film producers, more information here.. https://www.relevantthebook.com/
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