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  1. More good news. Reported today that inflation has reached a 30 year high. serious damage had been done to America in 6 short months , just last year has average $1.89 a gal America was energy independent for the first time in 70 years Average household income was up by $5000 all demographic groups had record employment America was kicking Chinas ass The ISIS calaphate was demolished the southern border was secure with the lowest reported number of crossings a rigged and stolen election along with a the complete idiots put this anti American re
  2. Our government has been corrupt for decades. Supported by brain dead morons that listen to a equally corrupted media spewing propaganda.
  3. I don’t think they did a very good job based on how he’s walking. Idiots that voted for this demented scumbag must be proud
  4. Shit for brains has been in office for six months today. I looked back at some posts in November when the dumb fucks were gloating about placing our truck flags at half staff and the mean orange man lost. That day the average gal of gas was $1.89. today I paid $4 per gal for premium for my car and we paid $7.22 for Jet A millions of COVID infected invaders have flooded into the country with dementia Joe’s border policies joe forced South Korea to release 7 billion in frozen funds to the Millais in Iran , btw they are back to enriching uranium he pulled President Tru
  5. The fraudulent regime now plans to monitor your text messages if you say anything against getting the experimental “vaccine “ for the China virus. but the clueless morons don’t have to deal with President Trumps mean tweets
  6. More great news. SLO joe stated that he will raise taxes on fossil fuels today. Gas projected to increase to over $5 a gal. (Already highest sine 2014 when Obutthole was in) xi and the CCP have threatened to annihilate all American bases is Japan and South Korea if the us intercedes any attempt of China taking over Taiwan the CCP have already moved into Afghanistan, taken over Britain’s largest microchip provider and Xi now has 150 trillion in assets allowing him to basically buy 259 countries. they already own the fraudulent regime occupying our government but hey
  7. SLO Joe announced today that he plans on implementing a vaccine “strike force” to go door to door to make sure people are “vaccinated “ Be sure the Stasi gives you a tattoo on your forearm so they can ID you .
  8. Patriots lining up in Sarasota for President Trumps rally tomorrow night. and creepy joe got 81 million votes, all bullshit with the exception of the actual dumb fucks stupid enough to actually vote for him
  9. Fun fact— the Topaz hummingbird is the smallest in the world Fun fact—it’s brain is twice the size of anyone that voted for Biden
  10. The corrupt fraud occupying the o al office basically threatened America’s gun owners today. “no amendment is absolute “. Traitor Joe so he violates his oath to defend and uphold the constitution and then says they can change whatever they want to shut their Marxist agenda But it’s a good thing you don’t have to hear mean tweets from Donald Trump
  11. That’s back on first pedo joe said. “White extremists are the biggest threat to America” the Hunter said the “N word” and now “climate change is the biggest threat to America “ they just pushed Merrit garland on it , however they are also working on a system where you can turn in family friends and neighbors suspected of extremism ( that means anyone that questions the stolen elections or places America First).
  12. You all are in deep shit now. With the exception of the clueless idiots that actually voted for this disaster . For most of you AG Garland says the biggest threat to America are white extremists, meaning anyone that supports President Trump or dare question the fraudulent election.
  13. The clueless demented asshole will be meeting with a former KGB intelligence officer tomorrow. we would be better off sending corn pop
  14. The only people that dumber then traitor Joe are the clueless idiots that did actually vote for him
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