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  1. Just an update , the GDP dropped by 1.4% in Q1. For you mental giants that supported this fraudulent regime that means “Recession “.
  2. Inflation at a 40 year high but the clueless idiots that voted for this won’t have to hear mean tweets
  3. Biden’s inflation is costing each American household $5200 this year . ”but Biden’s tax plans won’t effect anyone making under $400,000 per year” Idiots!!
  4. Just an update the demented fraud in the Oval Office has a $5.7 TRILLION dollar budget and will be announcing new Tax plans. but hey the stupid assholes that voted for this won’t have to read mean tweets.
  5. Maybe it’s just me, but the Indians have slowly lost their panache after Polaris acquired them. I know they are well built and dependable, but they just don’t look as cool as they were from Gilroy and Stellaken
  6. Obutthole and his take down America cabal rigged the election placing this demented shit head in office , there’s a reason he also chose him for VP. He’s always been a completed idiot. the only proper that are dumber are the stupid assholes that actually did vote for this shit show because they get their information for our corrupt media this is Obuttholes third term and they are racing at break neck speed to destroy America as fast as they can
  7. This as rigged and the asshole in the wire house was installed. The majority of Americans voted for 45. There weee some complete idiots that did bite for this shit show. Too bad Americans are suffering due to their stupidity.
  8. These motherfuckers are taking down America as fast as they can, and we’re letting it happen.
  9. Russia is gone in alert with their tactical Nuke team the Chi coms continue to probe Taiwans airspace and announce major “military exercises” in the South China Sea. ( BTW Taiwan manufactures 90% of the worlds computer chips) the Fat Kid in NoKo has launched another missile into the sea to the East Brandon is relaxing in Rhode Island
  10. Ukraine is active, watch for Xi and Taiwan soon and the Iranians now that the frauds in the White House released more money to them. They are enriching uranium as fast as they can. I hope you stupid fuckers that we’re upset about Trump truck flags are happy
  11. Update. Trade deficit reaches record high interest rates on the rise due to record inflation massive invasion across our southern border Biden exacts plan to spend $34 million of our tax dollars to provide crack pipes for minorities for inclusiveness hope you dumb fucking idiots that were butt hurt about mean tweets are happy.
  12. The censor bullshit is a commie movement. What happened to free speech ? This fraudulent regime is taking down America as fast as they can.
  13. The trade deficit just passed $1 Trillion for the first time ever. it’s a good thing the stupid assholes don’t have to complain about mean tweets and Americans driving around with Trump truck flags
  14. Just an update… US sending a carrier group to the med , appears borders in the Ukraine are more important then in the US. Russia , CCP and Iran holding joint navel exercises in the Indian ocean Russia has 100,000 troops massed on the Ukrainian border China has assets in place to strike Taiwan After the closing ceremonies at the Winter games. It’s on this is what happens when nobody challenges a stolen election and a weak moron is installed to take down America good thing the clueless idiots won’t have to worry about mean tweets
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