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  1. Those guys butts probably don’t hurt anymore since President Trumps America First agenda is now America last
  2. Date: Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 8:26 PM Subject: Fw: There Are None So Blind As Those Who Refuse to See T A Must Read Sent from my iPad Bernie Begin forwarded message: There Are None So Blind As Those Who Refuse to See By E.P. Unum February 19, 2021 Some Thoughts for the Day > Not one politician has died from the virus, lost their job, had their business or home looted, missed a haircut, worried about where their next paycheck was coming from, or wears a mask (unless on camera.) I don’t know, but it sure feels like we are being played.
  3. You are correct on all points. The democrats do not adhere to the Constitution, they are only focused on power and domination. They are complacent with the globalist agenda, that means UN rule and government overreach . They cannot rule if there is capitalism ( freedom) they cannot rule with a string middle class (freedom ) and they can NOT proceed with their agenda with an armed populace, disarming America had already been the goal , essential if you plan to subjugate a population. that damn piece of paper is a problem and they can only try to delegitimize the 2A. They went all in whe
  4. Hey , pedo Joe just cancelled sanctions on Iran that President Trump imposed on the vermin , this comes 3 days after they launched a rocket attack on the US Embassy in Iraq and killed a defense contractor. Just another idiotic move by the lefties. Good thing the orange man is not tweeting ,
  5. America has been taken over without a shit being fired . The election was stolen and potato was placed in the White House to continue Obuttholes third term at the bidding of the globalists and the CCP. The Sheeple are going about their mundane lives happy that the meany Donald Trump is not out tweeting while their freedoms are being stripped and America is being weakened and destroyed. You can’t fix stupid
  6. FYI: Prior to 1983, social security payments were not taxable. In 1983, Joe Biden voted in favor of taxing 50% of social security payments - and it passed. In 1993, Joe Biden doubled down and was the deciding vote in raising the percentage taxed on social security from 50% to 85%. This is not a friendly to working folks - and certainly not to retirees. His voting record on social security speaks volumes! Now he wants to tax our 401k's and IRA's (it's on page 78 of the Dems' platform) and he also wants to introduce a 3% annual tax on our homes. The record of Joe Biden shows he never misses an o
  7. The democrats never miss an opportunity to prove how corrupt and anti American they are. Total scumbags and that also goes for most the Vichy Republicans as well. need to take them all out and start new
  8. Yeah pedo Joe is destroying America as fast as they can. But at least I don’t have to hear that ol meany Donald Trump.
  9. Oh but the orange man posted mean tweets that made me uncomfortable
  10. Pedo Joe continues to destroy America. Today he moved 30 billion dollars that President Trump had ear marked for American Farmers and applied it to the climate change initiative. He plans on diminishing the US oil production by 80%. I hope the assholes with Trump butt hurt will enjoy pumping $4 to $5 gas. Oh yeah he announced he will be partnering with gun control groups and plans on open borders. I’d curse the dumb morons that voted for him , but he wasn’t voted in, he was installed with a rigged election
  11. The. Commies that stole the election are now accelerating their climate change bullshit
  12. China joe signed an executive order prohibiting the term “China Virus”. I like the “America First” doctrine better.
  13. Shit for brains proposal for gun owners register your weapons , fill out a 13 page form and pay a $200 tax per weapon and... it will effect everyone not only those earning over $400,000 per year. It will really be interesting when the chi Comms make a run a Taiwan and the Iranians move on Iraq for a closer shot at Israel. The markets will free fall
  14. Hey shit for brains ordered a release of 17,000 illegals from ICE. 70% have criminal records.
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