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  1. Danny what;s on your dad? I need to know if I should mix up another one.

  2. Due to the extreme Bear problem in California - All residents are required to paint their yards into end zones. It's the only thing that will keep the Bears from entering... Thanx, Danny
  3. danny if your moooosct is on ebay what will you ride in branson? deloris said hello and you could ride the trike with her unless your dad was there

  4. August 12th, 2021 - THIS JUST IN: Indian Motorcycles has agreed to purchase the infamous Harley Davidson for $834.12 and assume their $192 Trillion in debt. Indian spokesman "Charger" had this to say: "What's all the godamn commotion about? Y'all gettin yer panties in a wad over this crap?" Harley Davidson had made ill-fated investments in Emperor Obama's "Harley In Every Garage" campaign promises of 2012 and 2016. Investment analysis warned of the possible losses due to the 1,298 previous broken campaign promises - However that information was silenced with the "Responsibi
  5. Glad to hear he's okay - Even better that we are going to see him wearing that faulty valve as a necklace in Branson. Maybe we can do shots with it or something...... Thanx, D
  6. Skip putting him charge of lawyers - Lets make him president........ Thanx, D
  7. http://www.triple-nickel.net/ Harder than it looks. 5 targets - 5 kill shots - 5 seconds - One mandatory reload. Thanx, D
  8. Please Allah - Strike him dead !!

  9. And if the AP is reporting "only" a $2 Trillion increase - You can bet your tax paying ass it's closer to $5 Trillion........ Thanx, D
  10. http://hotairpundit.blogspot.com/2009/08/marine-corp-veteran-at-town-hall.html A retired USMC tells it like it is......... Thanx, D
  11. Oh come on.... What is Obama going to do? Take our guns and then cut off communications? Why would he need to do that............? Thanx, D
  12. I'm gonna start a similar show - Where I chat online with drunk college girls - Promise them an all night party and a free weekend in Vegas... And then give them LR address..... Thanx, D
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