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  1. But Wait... There's more!!! Listen up now. Lemmee paraphrase the man that I wanted to vote for Prez, the corrupt genius Doug Stanhope who made the following astute and absolutely warped observation about beautiful wimminz. He said during a nightclub bit that the room wuz full of gorgeous waitresses but that he trod in a world of beautiful waitresses. Doug hypothesized what if they wuz all at the bar feedin him drinks all bollicky bare assed and aimin to please, and the front door swung open and a hunchback midget whure sportin terminal scoliosis came sidlin through that door draggin a
  2. 15 traffic fines, 13 of them in Kaleefornya and anudder from NY's finest. For fuck sake. 6 times imprisoned, Once in the US and 5 times in Africa. For fuck sake. Emilio is quite a guy. I would venture to guess that he's got more worth writing home to mom about than the ninnies that wrote him 13 tickets in California or the LEO that saw fit to throw him inna hoosegow in East Bumfuck , USA. Mebbe not but my money is on Emilio.
  3. He had 18 grand in his pocket and a ticket to Canada so he figgered he would actually pull it off. If he hadn't a fucked hisself all up in the fire looks like he woulda tried to move up north and I dunno, get a job at Tims or sumthin. So, the POS touched off a nightmare and it sucked him right down too. Personally, I'm glad his plan B was cranial selfventilation. Fitting finish to the mess he made especially considering he planned to get away with it.
  4. My buddy in New Ipswich still running on genset 9 days and counting. the Nat Guard is on first name basis with him. He keeps a pot of kickass coffee going and they stop in every time they roll by. I lost my pickup down the ditch last night in my friggin driveway down the shore. Been rollin up and down the NH hills for three decades and never broke nuthin I couldn't fix but alla sudden pop can't seem to keep the blacktop and the Firestones paired up in little Rhody come just a little old one foot of heavy and wet. Drove that sucker a hunnert plus miles in whiteout just to get a 1/4 mile up
  5. Hell, gonna have to do worse to ruffle my feathers. Took a healthy swipe at my tree line at the NH house. Been meaning to cut back that ridge so horizontal timber is one less step in the process.. House is in one piece and my kid and her kids is livin by candlelight from the power out and Playstation glow from the gen set. Public Service says many days until power but they got wood heat and the freezer full and the gas makes hot water so it's all good. I'm down in the RI house with the Queen and the rains were harder here but the temps are waay above freezing so no ice damage. Flooded ou
  6. They should commission a fast attack boat in her honor. She brought more smiles to the faces of servicemen far from home than Bob Hope ever could.
  7. This guy is a classic. It's clowns like this that let us compare our political system with competing systems where the Phillipinos fill their offices with whores and the Pakistanis beat each other bloody on the floor of their parliments. After some of that stuff we seem mild but then we always got Illinois to carry the banner. The actual charge is that he tried to extort the ChicagoTribune. The threat was to withhold state funds for the sale of Wrigley field and the vig wuz that the Trib hadda shitcan an editor that called the Gov a crook. Plus he tried to get a Childrens Hospital to
  8. Nope, not with ya. A nincompoop agreed to let his kid pop off a clip. Other nincompoops let a 15 year old do the heavy lifting for a 8 year old and a commitee of nincompoops agreed to the incriminating ad campaign that invited ignorant nincompoops to bring they whole fam damily out to the range for a funfilled day of popping off clips full auto. The gun club is a insult to nincompoops everywhere and they will pay for it. The lawsuits will crush them and the stain will smear gun owners nationally. Three nincompoops from Detroit flew into DC in private jets and looked the absolute fools f
  9. Yeah, and all them folks woulda been there just the same without an organized and aggressive campaign from whatever quarter. I didn't belay the vote or the will of the people. I noted a revulsion with the efforts of quasireligious cults, particularly those who might bring little revenue to my state but could be eager to spend money to impose their sensibility on my countrymen. I won't sanction those that purport to a faith using ballot boxes far flung from their turf to stem what they see as a tide. Tides come and go but the scars of religious intolerance are a plague that a free society can
  10. Out here on the perimeter it looks a awful lot like the Mormon Church financed, publicized, politically motivated and worked the deal some hard in Sacramento to get Prop 8 through. I got no dog inna fight except that I will rise up and raise hell if some whacko religion from Utah or any other backwater starts messin about the peeps biz in NH. We got our short bus chockablock full enuff with homegrown bizarros. Sure don't need no outta state loonies churnin up the waters.
  11. Mark "Pocket" Goldberg is one of the few peeps that has put up with Pop's particularities for lo these many moons. Dumb bastard tried to work his way to Hawaii on a freighter back in '76, and missed the damn boat in Long Beach. He been stuck in Westworld ever since. Done alright too, for a reprobate guilty by association with ne'erdowells.
  12. I seen Little Richard on some TV show the other day. He did Long Tall City and he is unbelievable. I mean I seen Yes live the other night and them cats is old (as a side note, love 'em or hate 'emJon Anderson was one of the mercuric voices of Rock and deserved a spot on that list). Anyway I seen yes and them dudes wuz ancient. Chris Squire looked like yer weird Uncle eddie with the bowling shirt, stringy long hair with a bald dome, cokebottle galsses and his house smells funky. But Little Richard, unbelieveable. The only thing give a way his age was he didn't get up from the piano for the
  13. <H1 style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; PADDING-TOP: 0px">Biker charged with recklessness</H1>MILFORD – A motorcyclist from Nashua who was seriously injured while doing a stunt in Wilton in August pleaded guilty to a reckless operation charge on Tuesday in Milford District Court. On Aug. 8, Carl Hannigan, 51, was going east on Route 101 in the area of West Intervale Road at about 12:14 p.m., standing upright on the seat of his 1974 Harley Davidson with his arms extended sideways, when he fell off, police reported. • Hannigan suffered serious injuries to his head and legs, and was f
  14. 1. Today is pop's Superbowl. No one on one competition ever cost so much. No event has the potential impact, and no event has the attention of the world like this election. Hell, my guy is neither of the contenders and I'm still tickled to tears to be part of it. Pop said over and over that there isn't a matchstick of difference between Obama and McCain as far as the nuts and bolts of legislation go but I am no fool. You can't hide from the likelihood that the way this country is defined in it's own eyes will change by midnight tonight. My most satisfying result of todays election isn't even d
  15. The oil under them mountains is kind of a potshot right now. It's high dollar developing it with the current technology and it's hard to buy into any estimate of how much we are going to get out. I seen a documentary awhile back and the general concensus on both sides of the aisle was that it is a commodity that will get utilized but that it's value goes up continually while the means to extract it efficiently and with the highest yields possible is getting closer to reality and once the two cross paths then it will get pumped out. Therein lies the tale. Drill baby drill is one thing.
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